This zombie movie made a splash in its time and is available for streaming

The film brings a rampaging frenzy and thousands of zombies to our screens.

This zombie movie made a splash in its time and is available for streaming
This lease offers a good level of entertainment

The Netflix catalog has recently been nourished by an extraordinary film that until now could only be found in the Skyshowtime catalog and was offered one of the funniest zombie movies of previous years. Based on a novel by Max Brooks that’s very different, we meet pure action in one of these Great Blockbuster Movies of Past Years,

The movie we’re going to talk about every time it hits theaters a great success Which served to confirm its sequel. In any case, I got more than 500 million dollars According to Box Office Mojo, the huge figure for a zombie film is due to its lack of sensible content and its vastness when dealing with the subjects it deals with.

The “Greatest” Zombie Movie in History

What moment does the movie we’re talking about today take us external virus is starting to engulf the entire planet. This virus is fairly unknown and it has come back to incredibly violent people who are doing even more work in a group like a kind of insatiable marabunta, So, an agent of EE special services. you you. have to travel from the whole world Try to find a cure for the virus.

This trip takes you all over the world including Israel put up a huge wall This is the place where dead bodies are found outside and they can be counted in lakhs.

Since then, we have been talking about one of the great “pelotazos” in the world of blockbusters, starring a colossal Brad Pitt and titled, No Doubt for You, “world War Z”, The trailer leaves no room for doubt: it’s a vertical belter and packs in quite a few impressive action sequences.

Sus puentes fuertes and flacos son los siguentes:

  • Check out some very impressive special effects. It’s wonderful to see thousands of zombies on screen and it definitely brings something elegance on the belt And some dimension that very few other zombie movies have.
  • The plot is interesting, frenetic and keeps you glued to the screen in a way that normal doesn’t. To a large extent this is due to its effects, but also due to the rhythm on which the whole mouse is things are happening,
  • What’s certain is that there are a series of script points in the film that could tone down all that action and frenzy a bit.
  • Some scenes are not very believable, but it is clear that they are very good in their montage, execution and direction.
  • Brad Pitt Could Have Contributed More, But He Always Did sensational in their roles,

The film has received positive audience ratings with a 72% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Review If you have received more with the title as it counts with 66% positive evaluation, Which is also something to be surprised at because there is always a notable difference of opinion between the public and the critics.

We can enjoy the movie on Skyshowtime if we have subscription service on the platform.

Watch “World War Z” on Skyshowtime

Now, the film is also available for streaming on Netflix, so subscribers of the platform can watch it without any issues.

Watch “World War Z” on Netflix

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