This is Rosalia’s new life after going back to solitude: This is Rosalia’s new life after going back to solitude. trend | LOS40 Colombia

Rosalia is one of those Spanish singers who has had a wonderful career in the music industry. His career took off rapidly due to his collaboration with reggaeton singer J Balvin on the song ‘Con Height’, with sales of seven million copies, he was nominated for one of the best songs of the year by Billboard and won the Grammy Award Latino. has been awarded. for Best Urban Song.

Since then, the Spanish singer did not want to lose success and achieved Has collaborated with industry greats, such as: Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Billy and Travis Scott, among others.

in the field of emotion, The artist has a relationship with Puerto Rican singer Rau Alejandro, Their relationship started in the year 2022 and till its last moment was one of the most stable couples in the world of entertainment. They decided to move in together and buy ‘La Morena’, a modernist house built in 1905 on the outskirts of Manresa, for around 2.2 million euros.

On March 24 this year, the couple announced their commitment at the end of the Spanish video clip ‘Beso’, a song that is part of their EP in collaboration with Raw Alejandro. However, for several months there were various speculations about the breakup of their relationship.

According to multiple sources close to the couple, the separation had nothing to do with a third person, As predicted, but with each one having an artist career, they could assure that Rosalia’s work team did not look kindly upon her association with the artist, feeling that she had lowered her status and popularity. I am not at my height.

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What happened to Rosalia after the breakup?

The singer decided to escape some touristy spots while she was in Paris and Switzerland By the girl ‘Motomami’ and according to Vanity Fair magazine, her mother Pilar Tobela, who is also her manager, has been with her in every moment of separation. We also have to mention his sister, Pilar Villa, who was with him during this difficult time.

“Rosalía adores her 12-year-old nephew and this summer, already off the set and at a frantic pace of work, she will be able to enjoy his company in peace. One of the places where the singer can disconnect is her In the palace Casa Moreira de Manresa. Your Catalan home is a haven of peace with panoramic views of Monserrat and completely free from the noise of the media”

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On the other end,Some close sources reveal possible sabbatical year for SpaniardLejos de los ojos del medio.

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