The Barbie movie raised $1,000 million worldwide

barbieThe film, directed by American Greta Gerwig, crossed one thousand million dollars in worldwide earnings. Exclusive firm Exhibitor Relations said this Sunday that Y has become the first film directed by a woman to register this figure.

Comedy about Muneka’s wanderings in the real world, with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling pairing as Barbie and Ken. Over $1,030 million was raised worldwide, including $459 million in North America.

Three weekends after its premiere, La Ola Rosa continued to hit theaters, earning an additional $59 million in North America that weekend.

Paul Dergarabedian, media analyst at specialty company comScore, says, “The film has captured the attention of moviegoers around the world and the results are incredibly impressive, with global grosses this weekend exceeding billions of dollars.” Is.”

Casts like Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon and America Ferrera add even more stellar power to the film, while its soundtrack includes new songs from hit-list leaders Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Nicki Minaj, just like the one-hit wonder i’m just kenPowerful song sung by Gosling on the film.

Barbie is only the sixth film to cross the thousand million dollar mark in Tequila since the COVID-19 pandemic, According to variety.

fall in third place oppenheimer From Universal, the historical drama premiering the same week barbie became widespread barbenheimer on social networks.

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