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Michel Roca tells everyone who expresses his pride that he was able to coincide closely with the Faculty of Medicine during these years and thanks him for his great work with the phrase “Mai moren batles”. The Dean of the School of Medicine conscientiously chooses these three words to try to take the iron out of his voluntary decision to complete the stage at the head of said research.
He, like Margalida Gili and the rest of the deanery team, went down in history. First, for the launch of the degree, which in the first months of its approval, long before its first degree, was born with some spokes in the wheels precisely because of the members of the government team, such as one of the partners of the Pact, the Unides Podem party, is now called SUMAR.
In this environment much has been written about the Faculty of Medicine before, during and will continue to appear in Salut i Força. But chances are, nothing will ever be the same. The UIB medical degree, thanks to intelligence, ability to be, sophistication and rigor, has been a part of each of us. Of you too. Mikel Roca and his team have been able to engage and evoke a sense of ownership of some of the research that has been in demand for decades, so that we can experience it as our own. For Salut i Força, covering the first issue of the first promotion in June 2022 in their newspaper with several pages and TV coverage on Fibwi Televisión was a challenge due to how wonderful and newsworthy it was. It is clear that with a medical faculty, Balearic society is a bit better.

Mikel Roca made us all a little better. For his knowledge, his smile, his leadership qualities, his closeness and his affection. But also for his superiority, for his authority and for the fact that he laid the first stone that allows us to compete with other autonomies in the training of doctors. In 2015, it was discussed whether this is necessary. Now the debate is about expanding seats.
Before a consensus was reached on its necessity, despite some noisy dissenting voices, who soon learned how to “change es cantet” and join the unstoppable flow of contributions to our health. Roca and Gili, the perfect faculty tandem, already announced a few months ago at Salut i Força and had previously told UIB Rector Jaume Caro of their desire to put an end to this colossal journey. They felt that they had completed (and the boys did) the stage with the creation, implementation and strengthening of the degree, and that now others should choose an alternative, not only to rise among the best faculties in Spain, the fact that was achieved by being in the middle, but to start a process that allows for the stabilization of full-time teachers.

On September 11, he will end his career as dean, like the rest of his team, to make way for the microbiologist Anthony Bennassar, to whom he elegantly extended his hand to continue collaborating on everything, especially the famous ECOE exams. the end of the course From here we are at the complete disposal of the future new dean, as it should be and as his predecessor certainly wishes. Roca and his team, although many do not know it, led the authorities, personalities, the media and everyone who wanted to get to know the faculty from the inside, from its depths.

He did it with pleasure, showing his work, his project, his creation, which we insist belongs to everyone. In addition to all the virtues that Michel Roca cherishes, one of them, relating to the teaching staff, was also capital: he managed to integrate the teachers in a very heterogeneous way. He wanted all medical trends, whatever they were, to be reflected in the classroom. Always try to have the best, of course.

In a society like ours, polarized by blocs, extremes, whites and blacks, he and you are bigger, Michel Roca has always wanted to integrate what he thinks are the right teachers, no matter what they think. Thank you Michael Salut i Força will always be your home, as Margalida Gili is an excellent commentator on our television program, we hope to continue counting on your support, your help, your strength and your knowledge. At the moment, the I Joan Calafat Awards would not have been possible without your guidance on the jury.

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