Stir in Murray, Nacho Meier goes above Armenta: BEAP

If the elections were held today, Morena would trail in preferences for governor in the state of Puebla, with a 56.1% lead against the 9.6% of his closest contender Pan. Sure enough, the day was once again attended by political parties in a meeting. And if the electoral confrontation is by coalition, Morena-PT-PVEM will reach 57.9% of preferences against 14.2% of PAN-PRI-PRD; The Ciudadano movement would remain with only 1.8% of the vote.

In other words, Murray and his coalition will easily win the election of the gobernador in Puebla today, while many say that PAN has already “awakened” its voters through the so-called “effecto Xochital Gálvez”. The reality, at least in the state of Puebla, is not the case.

That’s what our most recent survey on pre-electoral preferences in the state of Puebla shows, taken in late July, a very robust sample of two thousand citizens, with the same exact sampling method we used. have used. In the last 24 years in Puebla and throughout the country.

But we also wanted to know what is the status of different pre-candidates from different options for the election of the Governor. And on this occasion We measure the simple position (real knowledge) of them all. These were the results:

Before the question: “Do you know what you really heard…?” (no mention other than the name of the person doing the measuring), people from all over the kingdom answered:

Blanca Alcala Connoisseur 58.8%, The dance I have 46.8%, Alejandro Armenta 44.9%, Eduardo Rivera 41.9%, Claudia Rivera 35.6%, Julio Huerta 18.9%, Genoveva Huerta 10.4% in Ciudadanos, Olivia Salomon 8.4%, Fernando Morales 6.3% y Rodrigo Abdala l 5.7%.

All of Murray’s pre-candidates grew in knowledge, even though Nacho Maior was the one who made the most progress and is in the best position today. Inspect the tracking graph.

Next, and in accordance with our traditional method, we simply asked people who know the characters, whether they inspire confidence or mistrust. Y las respuestas fueron: dance Meier inspires genuine confidence in 19.6% of people (who actually know it), Eduardo Rivera in 19.2%, A Armenta in 18.4%, Blanca Alcala in 14.3%, Claudia Rivera in 8.7%, Julio Huerta in 5.8%, Olivia in Solomon. at 3%, Rodrigo Abdala at 2.4% as well as Genoveva Huerta and Fernando Morales at 1.3% each.

Ignacio Meier, in increasing his actual standing, also fell to first place in confidence, with the state as a whole rising nearly 10 points from May to July.

Despues preguntamos (Only those who know the personality), si “votaria por el (ella) para gobernador del estado de Puebla” (by their respective parties or alliances). El ranking quedo asi: por dance Meier today owns 21.6% of Poblanos, 19.6% for A. Armenta L., 15.5% for Eduardo Rivera, 10.9% for Blanca Alcala, 9.9% for Claudia Rivera L., 6% for Julio Huerta, 3.1% for Olivia Salomon un % will vote. 2.1% for Rodrigo Abdala El, 2% for Genoveva Huerta and 1.2% for Fernando Morales.

re, dance Maier is the one who “increased” the most in preferences (10 points between May and July), being in the best position among Murray’s candidates today.

And finally, to engage us in Murray’s controversy and his decision to nominate a candidate for governor, we ask: “Regardless of your electoral preference, do the people we’ve mentioned believe That you can represent Morena better in the next elections.” his government of the state of Puebla?” and the ranking is as follows:

38.5% said they did not know or did not answer the question. Next, 18.8% said that federal sub dance Mier. 15.1% say Senator Alejandro Armenta. 11.3% say “Ninguno”. 7.7% say Exalcaldesa Claudia Rivera Vivanco. 4.4% say former Secretary of State Julio Huerta. 3.2% say Economy Secretary Olivia Salomon and only 1.2% say federal representative Rodrigo Abdala.

Therefore, La Encuesta confirms that the Federal Deputy dance Mier, today will be the favorite of Murray’s supporters as their candidate for governor, followed by Senator Alejandro Armenta, but closer to this candidate is Exalcaldesa Claudia Rivera Vivanco.

This is our measurement exercise that we finished in July. Everyone can draw their own conclusions. We only publish what people give us feedback. From then on, we will continue Midiendo. Until June 2024, of course.

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