Singer Lizzo and her silence after being accused of sexual assault isn’t disgusting to Woody Allen

singer Lizzo was sued last week by three of her former dancers for sexual, racial and religious harassment, The news spread to the media, as did specifics of condemnation, including “disrespectful behavior”, “hostile work environment”, “aggressiveness”, and “lack of independence”.

Detroit born artist icon woke up emerged from the networkIn addition to her music, apart from her feminist, racial and social claims, she has vehemently denied the allegations and defended her “good work”, categorizing the whole subject as “sensational”.

A good portion of the media highlights that Lizzo’s co-workers fell apart upon learning of the allegations, but the reality is no one has publicly spoken out against it,

tan solo BeyoncĂ© His name has been omitted, which he utters during his current tour only as a discreet gesture at the beginning of a song, which in no case is a condemnation that proclaims a good portion of the world’s holders . what comes out is the one prudent silence which is in stark contrast to another sexual allegation case whose protagonist was Woody Allen,

director, former lover of the actress Mia FarrowIn May, he publicly accused her of abusing her daughter without trial, a matter which, like Lizzo’s, sprung up in the press. The difference is that, almost immediately, The accusations of one part, Farrow alleges, were enough to turn away a good number of actors without more than the filmmaker From then until that moment all he had was good words, maximum recognition and the greatest desire to appear in his films.

Kate Winslet, Colin Firth, Mira SorvinoDirector of barbie, greta gerwig, Natalie Portman hey drew barrymoreAmong others, he said he regretted working with her and would not return to do so without maintaining the discreet silence that is now kept with the singing Lizzo.

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