SBA in Film Session – Angelina Jolie’s father in the cast of SBA1

In the early hours of this Monday (7) the schedule of films in the SBA (Brazilian Agribusiness System) is full of successes.

Canal do Boi opened the program with “Expresso para o Inferno”, with performers including Jon Voight – Angelina Jolie’s father – and Eric Roberts. They play prisoners who manage to escape from prison, but the freight train they are on goes out of control.

“Red Sun” is the next work, which includes people from different continents.

A western film schedule called “The Violant Goes to Hell” has just finished on the Canal du Bois. Mercenary Kowalski is a professional assassin and at odds with the evil Ricciolo.

At the same time, Agro Canal began its programming by showing “The Last Warrior of the Stars”. The first work of special effects created by computer graphics.

Then you see “Wild Dogs of War,” a British millionaire hires a group of mercenaries to rescue an African president. They do not know that they will be left in the desert to die.

“The Man Who Wanted to Be King” ends the night. The plot tells the story of two soldiers who decide to explore the surrounding lands while India was dominated by English colonialists.

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* Supervision by journalist Alain Silva.

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