Robert Pattinson: Why is he the most handsome man according to science?

Robert Pattinson: Why is he the most handsome man according to science?Instagram

Who is the most handsome man? Beauty is somewhat subjective, but a study called The Golden Ratio of Beauty Fee, was done by Julian Da Silva, a surgeon. To determine their calculations resorted to the principles of Greek beauty, Name the most handsome man in the world… and you’ll be famous. it comes to Robert Pattinson. The 35-year-old London-based actor, best known for his starring roles in ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Batman’, To the relief of George Clooney, The most handsome in the world were selected in 2020, when the previous studio was created. It’s clear that there are millions of people more graceful than Pattinson, whether together or exclusively, and you cross paths with them on the street daily without needing to pay much attention. Es decir, not the best smile, disposal of lips, eyes or nose, both subjectively and objectively. Well now, the studio has an early approach that could have far reaching consequences. Let’s walk like the cis of Tejanos. How much more is the reality! In this case, the surgeon, according to him, was based on some parameters of Greek statues (strangely, Tampoco looks a lot like that).


This plastic surgeon has set up a studio and analyzed the faces of many of the world’s most famous people with the golden ratio, which was created by the Greeks to make Greek statues look the most beautiful they could possibly be. So, it’s more or less 100% beautiful. It is directed around the face, not around the human body. Perfection percentage is a combination of eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, jaw and face shape. With all this in mind, Most Handsome Man is 92.15% perfect, 7.5% short of reaching 100%.

Julian de Silva has compared the parameters of Greek statues with those of most celebrities, actors and models internationally. Regarding Pattinson, it is the beard, with 95.1% perfection, and the eyes, with 94.7%, that raise the average note to put it in first place. I mean I’m thinking of achieving 100% perfection All will get 82% marks.

robert pattinson face analysis

“Robert Pattinson’s lips are the worst because he says they’re too thin, especially the bottom, so they should be plump. the best thing in your eyes, 94.7% Perfection, not a handbag in its age and it’s size is perfect, it fits Greek statues. But autumn is where it has some lashes”, he explains.

robert pattinson posing on a normal day


The ranking of the top ten is topped by Robert Pattinson with 92.15%, followed by Henry Cavill (91.64%), Bradley Cooper (91.08%), Brad Pitt (90.51%), George Clooney (89.91%), Hugh Jackman (89.64%) , David Beckham (88.96%), Idris Elba (88.01%), Kanye West (87.94%) and Ryan Gosling (87.48%).

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