Review: Monster – Killing Desire (2003)

“Monster – Murderous Desire” is a heavy and touching film about a prostitute who becomes a murderer. Thus, Charlize Theron won the Best Actress Oscar for this role, which brings her without the vanity and heavy makeup. That is, in the characterization of the character, there was a possibility of contesting elections with the help of technology. However, this is not even an issue. That’s because one of the greatest strengths of the interpreter’s performance lies in the courage and altruism she imprints on the protagonist’s complex perspective.

Charlize Theron is unrecognizable in Oscar-winning film

Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron), an abused childhood who became a prostitute as a teenager. She is about to end her life. However, he meets Selby (CHRISTINA RICCI), a young lesbian. So, in the end both get involved. So, after a customer is attacked, Aileen kills the man. This incident leads to a series of other murders, turning him into a serial killer.

In this way, Charlize Theron uses impeccable makeup techniques to show the character’s transformation. At the same time, there is no trace of artificiality in the interpretation in which an additional comment might give the impression of over-dramatization. So, the actress portrays the story of a protective woman who takes care of the one she loves.

Monster – Killing Desire wounds marginalized and nonhuman populations

This trait is combined with a darker life background than Beloved’s and makes him someone who is, depending on perspective, either highly seductive or obnoxious. Namely, this nuance of Charlize Theron’s interpretation echoes the contrasts of contempt and acceptance that can be seen in reports about lesbian relationships even in contemporary times. After all, we are talking about the interaction of marginalized and even dehumanized populations with other social dynamics. All this power in the interpretation of the hero is contrasted with the interpretation of Christina Ricci, who presents the role of the young lover as a man completely lost and out of place in the world.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sofia Mendonca is a Brazilian YouTuber, podcaster, author and researcher. He has a Master’s degree in Communication, Regionalities and Vulnerabilities (UFMG) and a PhD in Literature, Culture and Translation (UFPEL). In 2016, he became the youngest person to receive the Great Collar of Merit in Belo Horizonte. In 2019, he won the Best Practice Award from the European Union Erasmus+ programme.

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