RAW Alejandro Not Seeing Camila Cabello After Breakup With Rosalia

AndThe rumor that Camila Cabello is coming with Raw Alejandro, also reported by the journalist Raul de Molina, has been completely denied, in fact this version will also circulate on the social network.

The prestigious allegations of both artists have refuted the versions about the relationship.

“It’s 100 percent false. They were just at two similar shows. They just spent time together at whatever show”, a source tells People magazine, about the circumstances that are “preposterous” that they’re friends. Some are more.

Camila Cabello and Rav Alejandro were both spotted at Inter de Miami’s soccer party that officially welcomed Lionel Messi to the team, and also at the Premios Juventud award ceremony, which took place this week in Puerto Rico. Rico.

Rosalia and Rave began dating in 2021 and made their relationship public the following month. Last March, they revealed that they were committed to marriage coinciding with the release of the music video for their song Beso.

However, they recently broke up and Rave took to social media to insist that the breakup was amicable.

“Yes, Rosie and I ended our engagement a few months ago. There are a thousand problems that could have led to a breakup, but in our case it was not third party fault or infidelity. In the meantime I’m going to take it all in I am.” This public condemnation turned out to be wrong”, said Shakira’s friend and colleague.

“And because of the respect I have for her, our families, and everything we’ve gone through, I can’t keep quiet and keep coming as I try to destroy the true love story that God has allowed me to live. I have nothing more to add, I want a lot for my fans, thank you for being there”, said the singer.

Cabello has been single since she and Shawn Mendes broke up for the second time at the beginning of last June.


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