Museum of Pop Culture removes JK Rowling-related items from Harry Potter exhibit

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One pop culture museum who is setting up a commemorative exhibition in the United States to celebrate the work of harry potter and their friends, the little witches who are adored by the public. However, the museum also revealed removed everything in the name of JK RowlingAccording to the organization, the author of the books has taken this position because of the author’s transphobia.

The museum in question is located seattle and, even before the exhibition began, he had already established himself in blog about your decision to withdraw Rowling of performance. The reasons for this decision are transphobic placement by the author, defined by the museum as “Extremely hateful and divisive”, project manager himself chris moorethis is a transgender man And wrote in his article:

“There’s a certain cold, heartless, joyless entity in the world of Harry Potter, and this time, it’s not actually a Dementor.” and went on to say “We would love to go along with the internet’s theory that these books were actually written without an author, but this certain individual is just a little too outspoken with his highly hateful and divisive views that simply cannot be ignored.

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Moore still claims that the curators have decided to remove the artworks from the gallery for the time being in order to minimize the impact. he doesn’t see this decision as “Best Solution”, But that’s all the team could do in the short term. Newspaper daily Mailfrom the United Kingdom, reported that Harry Potter remains on display, but without any mention To the author of the franchise.

Although her books are considered milestones, Rowling’s political stances have kept her away from suffrage celebrations. She also did not attend the 2022 events that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Other important personalities related to the franchise, such as the trio of lead actors – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Expressed solidarity with the trans community in protesting Rowling’s stance.

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