Luis Miguel and his double: true or false, full stadium

La Teoria del Doble by Luis Miguel

The story is very interesting from all sides. It would seem that the singer of world fame and the duet of his legend, from where he wanted to play the country in the colors of the crowd and in a state of orgasmic idolatry.

Endowed with great talent and a charming face since childhood, Güro (Red: Exactly), Luis Miguel Gallego BastariI saw a possible treasure in your father, lucito ray, Spanish guitarist with flamenco aspirations, in constant desperation to conquer what was. After traveling many times and traveling to different places, luis miguel Birth Puerto RicoTogether Marcella BastieriBirth Carrara, ItalyNo dudo en poner en la ola is the fruit of her work as a domestic.

Composer Ray had his own dexterity and his own technique, even as the cruel world tried to ignore him.

After arriving in Mexico, where he entered the Campamento Ciudad Juarez, Where the narcos and never-reported assasinatos of young women and factory workers were a hot and sore point, some years Luis Miguel, as already known and made clear by the series, was exploited and Subjected to rigorous days of rehearsals. And exhaustion until you get a contract I’m in radio juarezIn a children’s contest, the initial sample was rejected and placed on the ground, acknowledging the winner.

Few compare to the land in which a superstar grew George Negrete, Chavela Vargas, Pedro Infante, Jose Alfredo Jimenezhe forgot Enrique Guzman, Gran Rockero Precoz de Popotitos y Ustad Es La Guilty, El Susurador cuckoo sanchezamong others.

Only Luis Miguel, under the whip of the priest and the mother, who did not wear flowers, gave a different air. With a lot of mariachi and ranchera, with a lot of wisdom, he entered into ballads, “romantic” songs, hot and repressed sensuality, which is a winning formula. “Under the table”,

In superb tuning and powerful voice, at the first performance he trumpeted several times before singing between phrases and phrases, and Mexico regarded him as a son, lover and an indecisive man to whom everything could be permitted. .

the youth of luis miguel

At 18 she broke up with the repulsive Luisito and tried to manage his grace and charisma. It was not easy at all: both the Andalusian guitarist and the very beautiful bastari did not want to lose what they had invented in happy hours in bed, mellandanza and some hambra: like Quijote, salpicón in las mas noches.

Hub an isolation. en tante re hijo buenas migas con Arturo DurazoChief of Police and personal guardian of the six-year government lopez portilloBest example of corruption and crime. If Luisito re Mato e Marcela Bastieri, a version, it would not be Durazo who took care to find out.

Journalist luis ventura Support publicly that in fact Marcela Huyo is to end up right here, in Moyano, where there are no signs but there are versions that El Sol de México has met her, as she herself with permission to fall on stage Called with adoration towards Luis Miguel. , Breaking any rules, Forgetting letters, Entering a visible erection during the show San Diego, California, as a commander James BondThe category is 007.

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No business plan and the business didn’t work out well. After a seemingly sunset period, it reappeared with the production of the extraordinary Zambulida in Bolero armando manzaneroon top of the compilation version of “I don’t know you”,

The series reintroduces and re-introduces a legendary personality and musician, to gradually adjust to his bleak economic condition. But perhaps popular and powerful forces are reaching out to a version that is not already the second one, that has a double, that one is dead but someone has found a very similar one so that the machine doesn’t go bad.

is he really the one who sings ahora en la every night Argentina, It sounds absurd but the idea is strong.

However, Ventura confirms that there are three doubles in a single and, noting that la gente, crease or not, doesn’t matter too much. Specialized fans pay attention to the ear test: based on the idea that ears are always the same from birth, they swear they are. Algo cambiado, puede ser, algo en el aire, esta bien, perro a oreja es a oreja.

The notion of dual is not only for security matters in moments of dangerous risk, but also for a will, a collective report. in line we can put a Gardel, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney from the disco photo in which he walks the streets barefoot, the President joseph biden of the states. In this case, Oryza is abundant in the test network, do the reverse: see usage, it is not authentic Biden, Donald Trump It is secure without any problem. Or con manios.

To wander around a bit, I approached a nice girl with an entree of 75,000 pesos and asked if she thought he was Luis Miguel, the real one or the double. I replied in an uncharacteristic way: “I don’t care”.

All that being said, he who knows what to do.

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