LoL Champions with the most Pentakills in competition


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From the very beginning in League of Legends games, we all dream of achieving one thing: one or more…pentacilli“. He maximum possible meeting rate. A player who kills all five opponents in a short amount of time. A sound and emblem that we may see and hear for a short period of time, but what remains is the satisfaction of achieving this “achievement”.

Shooters, the main characters of pentakills in competitive

Although there are some characters that are easier to get a pentkill with than others, today we are compiling a list of the most Champions with the highest number of pentkills in competitive history. Some achievements that have been achieved by players multiple times, such as Doublelift, Rekkles, Ruler, Comp or Galaamong other players of his position.


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Golden Blonde has historically been one of the best-hitting champions in Summoner’s Rift during consecutive metagames and patches that have followed each other. A champion played very well by players like Uzi or Ruler. during their career, and they did it almost on their own. A good set of skills for this task, as well as mobility to get closer to finishing off our rivals.

Number of pentacilli:70


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One of the shooters later included in this list – December 2019 – and who is more difficult to bring to a one hundred percent position of the players. Like Ezreal Aphelios is another of the champions they’ve managed to bring to the top tier. the best marksmen of the competitive League of Legends. The proof of this is that we have seen players Gala or Viper Not so long ago.

Quantity Pentacilli:79


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If we’re talking about Aphelia, who is one of the newcomers on this list, we can say even more about Zeri. Surprisingly, he was in the third position among LoL Pentakills when the champion arrived at Summoner’s Rift in January 2022. Zaun’s Spark is a character who has experienced his worst and best moments, but now it is in more than good condition.despite nerfs. Any League of Legends player who has reached the first level should know how to play it.

Number of pentacilli:86


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We’re talking again about one of the most successful shooters since it came to RIOT Games’ MOBA. In particular, the champion that was not only used ad nauseam in competition, but also in the success of Arcane made him play again more than ever in any of the game’s games. Although it alternates in terms of priority, it never completely disappears.

Number of pentacilli:112


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Along with Jinx, the only champion in history in Get over 100 Pentakills in LoL. The character again with a great set, not only because of mobility what he gets with the ultimate and E, but because of the different possibilities he has given since his arrival in both AD version and AP version.

Number of pentacilli:168

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