Lizzo denies sexual assault allegations

Lizzo also denied comments about a dancer’s weight. Photo: AFP

lizzo denied the allegations of sexual harassment and for creating a hostile working environment and assured that they are “as unreliable as Suennon”.

Three of Lizzo’s former dancers filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles with allegations of labor law violations, including sexual, religious and racial harassment in addition to discrimination against disabilities and illegal detention, according to a statement from their attorneys.

informants assure that lizzo According to the question, at a show in Amsterdam’s red zone, dancers were pressured to interact with naked people.

They also claim that the leader of the dance institution, Sharleen QuigleyAt least “despite protests” were sexual remarks and a conversion to his Christian beliefs, particularly against premarital sex.

“I generally choose not to respond to false allegations, but these are as unbelievable as they are suave and so reprehensible that they cannot be addressed”, published lizzo on your social network.

“These sensationalist stories come from instances that have already publicly acknowledged what if they said their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.”

The claim also alleges the white managers of the production company lizzoBig Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT), “A menudo accused black members of the dance team of being vague, unprofessional and poorly behaved”.

The complaint, cited in the statement, says, “These words on the ground are prevalent to humiliate black women and discourage them from defending themselves, but they do not apply to similar allegations against dancers who are not black. “

“Only if it had been read as such on a dance floor, composed entirely of women of color, would it have given Plaintiffs the impression that these comments were fueled by racial animosity and fatphobia,” he added.

The allegations were particularly surprising given the repeated messages lizzo Self love and body positivity.

lizzo nega gordophobia

Singer did not address the allegations against Quigley, but categorically denied the allegations of being overweight.

“There is nothing I take more seriously than the respect we deserve as women in the world. I know how it feels when you are scolded for your body every day and I would never criticize or fire an employee because of their weight”, he says. lizzo,

“I’m in pain, but I don’t want it to eclipse all the good work I’ve done in the world. I would like to thank everyone who has come forward to support me during this difficult time”, emphasized the singer.

Ron Zambrano, attorney representing the plaintiffs Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel RodriguezI say this from your statement lizzo “He has fallen into his own brand”, accusing him of a “complete lack of empathy”.

“Their denial of this reprehensible behavior adds to the emotional suffering of our clients,” the lawyer said.

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