Liv Ullmann, A Face of Love

In the first few minutes, we hear Cate Blanchett talk about Liv Ullman’s eyes – how we can lose ourselves in them, the unconditional love they express – while John Lithgow takes us through, without filter, his Underscores their ability to pull in an emotional life. Furthermore, Jeremy Irons highlights Ingmar Bergman’s slow camera movements towards her face and the way that same face opens up to the camera, and right after, Jessica Chastain reinforces her colleagues’ argument by saying that It is as if he has “no skin”. Liv Ullmann: The Road Less Traveled It features testimonials from all these Hollywood stars for an obvious reason: The great actors manage to see each other and translate some of the invaluable characteristics that set any of them apart. Indeed, director Dheeraj Akolkar—who had already collaborated with Ullman on the documentary Liv and Ingmar (2012), among other projects – this was taken into account when considering different aspects of this Norwegian woman who, after passing through the life of cinema and the Swedish master, also ventured into the American industry.

But still he has written in his book about the said art of his bare face on the big screen. mutation: “I love close ups, They are a challenge for me. The closer the camera moves, the more eager I am to show a completely naked face, to know what is behind the skin, the eyes; Inside the head.” The excerpt refers to the experience of being filmed by the person who dictated the image to him. Personality, Passion, Tears and Sighs, Scenes from Married Life, among many other films. And she adds: “Working with Ingmar is like starting a journey of discovery within myself. Being able to accomplish all the things I dreamed of as a little girl.”

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