Lieres celebrates La Salud in a great atmosphere: “We are very happy”

Big BBQ and Ribbon Race in Lier, in picturesSouth Africa


Great atmosphere at the feast of Our Lady of Health in Lier. The event this Sunday brought together 400 people for a large barbecue served in a celebration tent, followed by a fourth horse ribbon race with 64 participants.

“They feel very good, although on Saturday afternoon the weather bothered us a little because it started to rain, but still a lot of people came, and since the tent is big and there is an orchestra in front, there were no problems. as well as people who went out to get wet anyway,” says Lucia Estrada, president of the association La Salud Celebrations, organizer of the celebration.

This Sunday, residents and visitors enjoyed a lively vermouth session, animated by the folklore group “Los Yerbatos” from Bimenes, who had a group around to see their traditional dances, much admired. The hors d’oeuvres gave way to a superb BBQ that served 400 portions of ribs, Creole chorizo ​​and chicken. “Everything is fine, to the point,” Lauren Bres appreciated during lunch.

The meal and subsequent afternoon meal was followed by the fourth horseback riding. The test brought a large audience to the party lawn to see these fast races up close through colored fabric bands. The winner was David de la Grana Holgado “Chupi”.

The festivities end this Monday with a mass in memory of the dead at 11:00. In the afternoon, starting at 18:30, there will be a tour of the country with the distribution of a bun. A total of 1,400 servings will be delivered, accompanied by a bottle of wine. It will also be the last festival featuring the orchestras “D’Cano” and “Cinema”, which will end with fireworks.

“We are happy with how the holidays went, because it always happens that when they start, there is uncertainty about how everything will go, over time we can’t do anything, but we are very happy,” concludes Estrada.

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