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Los Leones was in trouble in the last war.

Trailing 6–3 on the blackboard in the fourth inning, they faced a pitcher who was the Game of Stars and the most crowded team in the league.

“Black Panther”, as he did several times during the season, answered the call of his team and showed them the way forward.

With one out in the fourth inning, Yadier Drake connected right in front of Joe Van Meter, who was penalized in a stellar duel, with which he launched a two-career onslaught. In the sixth, it started without a hitch, and it was the same in the eighth, when Yucatán stepped to the plate five times on the way to a 12–6 victory against Union Laguna.

Matanzas, the Cuban gardener with Beate, holding hands, did consistent things for the champions outside of the regular calendar, which ended the next day, and what happened in the first match of the series against the Algodoneros was a very good example of Elo. Drake got off to a great start to the week, hitting three shots in four of the first five contests. If it was 4-3 El Jueves en la Vitoria de 8-2 Con la Que Seguro La Serie Contra Uno de los Majores Ensembles del Norte; 4-3 (2C, CP) in 7-0 win against Puebla, 13th. was whitewashed by the “Kings of the Jungle” (the maximum number on the circuit), and also added three hits over four innings in a 3–0 blowout on Saturday.

The Cuban, who won his third consecutive outstanding campaign with the Melanudos, formed a stellar trio on the offensive with José Martínez and Norberto Obeso that was crucial for Yucatán to go from low to high, boosting his 2022 win total. crossed and got his nine bills. In a row after the season. Los Rogiadores will now look to make it nine consecutive series in the South Zone Playoffs.

“Cafacito” finished the last day tied for career-high eighth in the league with 69, while Obeso was tied for the vice-leader in grounding percentage (.460). El Venezuela added a Los Siete “Grand Slam” de los Saváticos, four short of LMB’s mark. Obeso (58) and Martínez (57) were in the “top” 10 based on balls received.

Drake was not only one of the most productive peloteros in the league—he was third in batting (.365) and second in unbeaten (120), but also one of the most complete. Hiwano 83 games with no errors (biggest blunder in LMB this year) and 19 unknowns. I connected for .426, with 28 imps, with people in scoring position and two outs.

This is the most consistent batsman in an attack that was inconsistent before with a remarkable vengeance. Ayer los leones erán cuartos en anotadas (477). “La Pantera” was spectacular in the field (no errors in 125 total chances and 12 assists) and did a very solid job at first base, where the club passed out of necessity. Los Felinos to Ubicaban en el Sabalederato de Fildio (.983).

From the start: A blow to the hand of cotton bat Nick Torres will cause Yonar Negrín to lose in the first round of the playoffs… Pedro Paino and Tiquan Forbes could not remain with the team this year due to administrative questions, but they are your reserve remain on the list.

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