Johnny Depp was the last choice to star in ‘The Tourist’: Neither Tom Cruise nor Sam Worthington wanted to do it – Cine News

Unless Angelina Jolie was the other plate.

Hollywood sometimes sounds like a game of musical voices, where Actors are filling in the gaps that other stars leave behind for some projects. It’s a case of one of those suspense movies that have very famous names, with some commercial success but ultimately pretty much rejected. this is the movie Tourist,

It stars Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie Belt of Thrill, Romance and Intrigue Venetia once again watched the film similar to the television. Directed by Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck, the film has become one of those safe values ‚Äč‚Äčairing on movie night.

Frank never goes through the good times. His wife dies in a tragic car accident and the loneliness he feels due to this loss becomes unbearable. For this reason, the American professor decided to take a few days off to go to Venice, where he hopes to recover. On a train journey, Frank meets the sensual Alice. share more than cross look,

“Le asusto”: the role that Johnny Depp turned down after Brad Pitt’s warning

What the teacher doesn’t know is that the woman’s motives go far beyond romantic flirting. Alice Ward is an agent of Interpol and wants to use Frank to help a former rookie, Alexander Pierce, who is pursuing him for the Robot and impeachment cases. What initially begins as an interesting approach eventually turns into something more special, A deep feeling develops between Alice and Frank that will backfire on both of their initial plans.

Before Depp finally agreed to go to Venice to run, Hubo Many actors were involved in the project to become heroes., One of them was Tom Cruise, who eventually left to try his luck in other films. After the arrival of saga star Sam Worthington AvatarBut eventually it went ahead due to creative differences.

‘The Tourist’: Juggling names

i was not alone Roll que estovo pasandoz que patata caliente, Jolie ended up playing the female role she previously played for Charlize Theron, who would become Cruise’s co-star. Interestingly, at the same time, Jolie also has another project that was originally supposed to star Tom, the thriller SaltIn which Angelina starred.

‘Salt’: The film that Tom Cruise rejected at the last minute and Angelina Jolie turned it around completely

The film eventually sold with notable success, raising $278 million on a budget of 100. then criticism was practiced with it, and then it Topic of contention When the Golden Globes nominated the film and its heroes in the category of Best Comedy or Musical, it was evidence of a lack of criteria and a desire to woo the stars who have these awards. Cruz is probably happy to have escaped this bullet.

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