Is Charlize Theron Dating Modern Family Star Eric Stonestreet?

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Charlize hugs Eric at the Vanity Fair party in April,Image: Getty)

The stunning actress Charlize Theron who is rumored to be dating actor Eric Stonestreet is said to be enjoying each other’s company. Flowers & apos; Relationship.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Charlize is heavily influenced by Eric, who plays Cameron Tucker, the gay character in the massive American television show Modern Family.

Charlize, 37, was introduced to Eric, 41, earlier this year by mutual friends – the pair posed for this photo at a Vanity Fair party in April before apparently becoming engaged to each other.

A secret source reportedly close to Charlize said: ‘Charlize and Eric get on incredibly well. They started off as friends, but things are flourishing between them.

‘Eric is down to earth and funny and Charlize thinks of him. It’s early days, but they really like each other. ,

Charlize has been single since her split from Stuart Townsend after nine years in 2010, instead focusing on her adorable adopted son Jackson.

Was Charlize’s shaved head Eric’s idea? ,Image: Splash)

Eric was dating his longtime girlfriend Catherine Tokarz until a few months ago.

Here’s hoping he’s good at wearing diapers for little Jackson, because Charlize loves to brag about how amazing he is in them.

Modern Family (Photo: Heaven)

Eric plays Cameron on Modern Family (quite well, might we add)

In a new interview, she said: ‘I have to tell you, I am available for other babies and children; Diaper has to be changed. I can do it in my sleep now. I’m so good.

‘Now I know how to change Japanese diapers, Spanish diapers, English diapers, German diapers. I’m kind of a diaper pro now. ,

It’s like being a good mother and then bragging about it.

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