I Don’t Care About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Neverland Tour

you must have a word for that person in some language existential pain I indulge in watching carefully organized and highly stocked content by someone famous. I, for my part, had to jerk a rat when season 72 felt like las kardashian (but it was actually only episode 5 of the new season 1), the camera pans over hectares of furniture until it focuses on a full glass fronted refrigerator Hasta Los Tops of Ecological Garden Products, of course, was put there by the chef, who slices family-style cucumbers with a crown of asparagus on top. If you want to get a closer look at this “transparent monster that hallucinates” while you mentally calculate the intensity of the ozone layer, you can see it in Kourtney Kardashian’s push for “Exclusiva.”

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Or you can also go to Goop – which, after all, is not what it seems Ann Anything a push–, y acre un vistazo a la neverera de Gwyneth Paltrow, although i imagine AirBnb’s New Host She’s been too busy furnishing her guest house in Montecito with all the best goop (what better than a 1,200-euro Verita d’Oro Kiki di Montparnasse? to combat the loneliness?) And arranged to give him a feast. mother in law Idiot United Nations Travel By Your Own Stainless Steel Navera (“I think this is a trend going around…”. Come on, Gweny, it’s TikTok’s fault).

It turns out that the fridge of the “old Faltro-Martin house” is relatively -o suspiciouslyThey will ask for ahi – in general, both in size and in content. Where’s your bee venom and your sex dust? Best delivers a tool gua sha Pink Evelyn, hidden among the bins of Cameron Diaz’s ecological and vegan wines (good for a little escape instead of skiing); But what you do have is French mustard (which other mustard exists) and the remains of calabasín buñuelos from “Desayuno con el novio” (the opposite of a girlie scene). Goop and his offspring also fail to take sides in the cow’s milk vs. cow’s milk debate. Vegetable ‘milk’: “There’s cream, mitad and mitad, normal milk and almond milk. Look at the variety of milk available here!”. why An authentic arsenal of water with gas (Gwyneth, as, takes Pellegrino). Is this not the Nevara we wanted to attack at dawn? Surprisingly yes. Can you be an AirBnb guest? Definitely not. Back to the guest house, folks! This is bromita, guapos. Venga, hurry up.

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