Goal show in MLS: Pardazzo ties Inter Miami and Dallas 4-4

in Texas

El inter arange ganando, pero el local se hijo senti y lo dio vuelta. Pero Apareciron Messi and Los Suyos.

Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami and FC Dallas playing a authentic prank -with 8 goals – for the eighth final of the Leagues Cup at the Toyota de Texas Stadium.

After a mass match for the bands left by Inter Miami, A step back from Jordi Alba, who left Messi alone and hated the opportunity to put it up for sale with the pink team alongside Zurdazo against Palo., El so mach was canceled at first, but was invalidated after If verlo en el var.

Dallas were the better in the match, Alan Velasco headed in, and the Argentine hit a great move past Marco Farfan, who centered at the back and Quiggin Le Dio cut in a few with the left foot to make it 1-1. Suelo on kamungo face and dj n el drake calendar para l2a1.

Velasco reached the third position in the 17th minute of the second half. But soon Argentina’s Benjamin Cremaschi made the score 3-2. Sadly, the enthusiasm of those led by Tata Martino was short lived. A few minutes later, Robert Taylor put it against me and the score of the party was 4-2.

But in the 35th minute of the match, Marco Farfan scored against Messi and the match became equal to 4-3. 4″ from the end, Messi grabbed it from the edge of the field and, in a free shot, coaxed it past Guante al Ngulho del Archer and it I put 4-4,

Inter Miami for Dallas vs 8Vos. league cup final

League Cup.
last octagon.
FC Dallas – Inter Miami.
Stadium: Toyota of Texas.
Ref: Cesar Ramos Palazuelos.

FC Dallas: Marten Pace; Geowen, Nkosi Burgess, Sebastian Ibegha, Marco Farfan; Sebastien Letglet, Facundo Quiggin, Alan Velasco; Bernard Kamungo, Jess Ferreira, Jedder O’Brien. DT: Nicolas Estevez.

Inter Miami: Drake Callender; DeAndre Yedlin, Sergey Krivtsov, Kamal Miller, Jordi Alba; Dixon Arroyo, Sergio Busquets, Diego Gomez; Lionel Messi, Joseph Martinez, Robert Taylor. DT: Gerardo Martino.

Target at first: 6″ Lionel Messi (IM); 37″ Facundo Quignon (D); 45″ Bernard Kamungo (D).

Goals in the second half: 17″ Alan Velasco (D); 20″ Benjamin Cremaschi (IM); 23″ Robert Taylor (IM, against); 35″ Marco Farfan (D, against); 41″ Messi (IM).

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