Erica Buenfil spoke about her son’s addiction: “He already drowned him”

The 18-year-old told his followers about the addiction he left behind (Photo: Instagram)

Late last July Nicholas Buenfilson Erica Buenfil, He was honest with his audience and stated that he was doing everything possible to get rid of a bad habit that was gradually beginning to affect his health.

And this is what the 18 year old said in a broadcast on his TikTok account that he is ready quit e-cigarettebecause he wreaked havoc on his oral health, especially his gums.

Nicholas then spoke in an audiovisual piece about how his first days went after he quit the famous cigarette, also called “vapeador”, and assured that it was not as easy as he initially expected.

“It’s not something I’m proud of. I’m sorry. It makes me angry, but I have been smoking vapes (electronic cigarettes) for two and a half years. Six days ago I decided to quit smoking because it took a toll on my health, especially my gums. They started ching*r. They were in a very bad condition,” the teenager shared in a video recorded from home.

During these six days my mind was relaxed. What they say makes you wildly anxious, at least it hasn’t happened to me. The fact is that your body gets used to the substance that you regularly consumed. It becomes addicted and my body calls to it. My body wants to touch this thing. He needs it, ”said the son of a popular actress during the third week of July.

In a message addressed to his contacts on the social network, he advised his peers not to start smoking and avoid drinking alcohol.

“I’ve done some research and these withdrawal symptoms are perfectly normal, but as a piece of advice, if you don’t smoke, never smoke. Stay away from this as much as possible. And if you do, let him help you not to try,” said the young man.

“Tip of the day people, I hope you understand what smoking is v@p3, I will keep you updated how am I doing, I hope I can make it!” he wrote in the description of the video he shared, available to the millions of followers he has on his TikTok account.

Nicholas’ message was greeted by his famous mother, who wrote him a short message. “I love you so much, congratulations.”

The young man says that almost a month after giving up the habit, he noticed improvements (IG: erikabuenfil50).

Now, more than two weeks after this confession, Nicolas Buenfil shared with the press how he lived these days of abstinence. It was during his presence on the carpet of the MTV Miaw 2023 awards ceremony, held this Friday, August 4, in Mexico City, that the young man said that he had not inhaled the vapor generated by an electronic device for almost a month.

“It began to seem to me that it was already bad, as in my condition, and I said: “Now it’s better.” I have now been leaving for almost a month and have decided for my health,” he told the press.

For her part, Erica Buenfil – the so-called “Queen of Tik Tok” – with whom she attended the video channel’s awards ceremony, commented that this habit is already damaging her son, which was reflected in his physical condition.

Erica said she supported her daughter’s decision and admitted that she was already harming her physical condition (IG: erikabuenfil50)

“I gave him advice, because suddenly the youth does not want to listen, and suddenly he is tired of riding a bicycle, he is already tired of skiing. (…) He is a young man who loves to do things and this (vape) has already drowned him,” he said.

“One day I was working and he said to me: “Mom, I just made such a decision.” He filmed his video and I couldn’t see it because I was working, but I was very touched,” said Erica Buenfil.

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