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the film oppenheimer This boosted the morale of many workers in the Hollywood business. And one of them is actress Emily Bluntwho took advantage of his influence on the film to tell of his excitement of meeting the film Tom Cruise to bring a sequence of film to life on the edge of tomorrow.

during your participation in the podcast happy sad confusedBlunt expressed his desire for a new chapter in the saga and shared that he had access to a potential script for a sequel.

There was a script that Doug told me about. I mean, I’d love to make it a reality, but I don’t know when or how. And how many ‘Mission Impossible’ does he (Tom Cruise) need? Get back to where you can be… Wasn’t he brilliant as the cowardly hero? Incredible.

Launched and directed in 2014 Doug LymanThe original film starred Blunt and Tom Cruise teaming up against an alien invasion.

Initially portrayed as a fear-ridden novice, Cruise’s character eventually becomes trapped in a time cycle, in which with each death he is reborn at the beginning of the day, allowing him to hone his skills through training with a fearless warrior. There is an opportunity to improve. blunt.

Earlier, in the past, Liman had mentioned that the sequel would be successful only if the two lead actors (Emily Blunt and Cruise) were available.

It is relevant to remember that the inaugural film had a modest performance at the box office, garnering a collection of only US$370 million, considering an initial investment of US$178 million.

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