Bella Hadid opens up about her battle with Lyme disease

The model spoke about the “invisible suffering” she faced for 15 years…

Bella Hadidconsidered one of the most important and beloved models of recent years in the fashion industry, recently shared details about her struggle with Lyme disease On Instagram.

Through different images, the 26-year-old model showed photos between recipes And sick daysrevealing his human side, faced with this disease, which consists of tick infection caused by Borrelia.

To accompany the photographs, Bella Hadid she wrote, “The little self who suffered would be so proud of the adult self for not giving up.”

He thanked his mom and all the people who were by his side throughout the process: “thanks to my mom To keep all my medical recordsfor being by my side, for never leaving me, for protecting me, supporting me and, most importantly, for believing in me during all of this.”

“Living in this state, gets worse with time and work When I try to be proud of myself my family and the people who support meit affected me in a way that I really can’t explain,” he said.

Bella Hadid and her “invisible suffering”

“Be this sad and sick one with the most blessings/privileges/opportunities/loves around me was possibly the most confusing thing I have ever experienced. The only thing I want to say to everyone:

1. I’m fine and you have nothing to worry about and 2. I wouldn’t change anything for the world. If I had to go through all of this again to get here, in this very moment where I am right now, with all of you, finally healed, I would do it again. made me who I am today“, he pointed out.

“The universe works the most painful and beautiful formsbut i have to tell you thatIf you fight it will get better, I promise you. I promise you. Take a step back, stay strong, believe in your path, walk in your truth, and the clouds will begin to clear.

Have So much gratitude and outlook on lifeit’s more than 100 days of limechronic disease, treatment of co-infection, almost 15 years of invisible sufferingit was worth it, if I can, God willing, have a life of spreading love full cup and the opportunity to truly be yourself, for the first time in my life.”

“I have tried choose the most positive images I could, because as painful as the experience was, the result was the most enlightening experience of my life, filled with new friends, new visions, and a new brain.”

Supporting Bella Hadid in her process

He concluded: “Thank you for your patience to the wonderful companies I work for, my subscribers and people who continue to inform me. To my agents Jill and Joseph for protection. I love and appreciate you more than I can express.

Thank you to my amazing doctor and her GREAT nursing team. I love you so much!!! I’ll be back when I’m ready. I miss them very much. I love you so much”.

The post was commented on by the people who accompanied her along the way, including her sister. Gigi Hadidwho wrote: “I love you, I’m so proud and happy with you”, designers Simon Port Jacquemus And Jeremy Scott. Also, models such as Elsa Hosk, Victoria Cheretti, Doutzen Kroes, Anok Yai, Winnie Harlowamong other things.

In the second post, the model shared several photos with her puppy who accompanied her through difficult days, while writing: “And may God bless my angel on his Glizzie P. Beans aka Petunia aka Beans. For never leaving me for a second.”

With the said message, Bella Hadid She has shown her more human side, her thousands of followers, which inspires and motivates her not to give up in battles like the one she faced.

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