Adele surprises a Mexican fan by singing for her Compleños

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    she is one of the most loved singers in mexico

A video went viral through social networks in which a British woman was seen. Adele. Giving a chair on why she is one of the best singers and one of the most loved singers of the Mexican public.

Video shared on the profile of TIC Toc @adkinslauriee_ Shows how Adele drowns in the crowd during one of her concerts Las Vegas, Nevada.

This closeness to her audience is a distinctive feature of the singer, who Enjoy interacting with your followers. And in such a situation, a special twist came in the story.

Adele took the time to chat called with a young man Sebastian detected to be Mexican Nationality. During the conversation, Adele asked who had attended the concert, and the young man was seated with his mother. Then, Sebastian confesses that he was celebrating his birthday on that particular day.

Without a doubt, Adele started singing the notes “happy birthday”, Soon the audience joined in on that great moment.

Adele Says This Is the Best Good Luck Gift for a Mexican Fan

The singer’s unexpected gesture moved Sebastian, who had tears of joy streaming down his face. Aunke wanted to embrace the famed artist in a show of thanks and appreciation, if not allowing the musical moment to be the center of attention. An unforgettable gift for Sebastian!


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