World Joy Day: what is its importance for health and how to promote it with daily actions

Joy can be found not only in outward appearances, but also in personal habits and relationships (Getty).

This Tuesday 1 August He World Joy Dayconference promoted since 2010 to prove the importance of this emotion in the life and health of people.

Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines happiness aspleasant and lively feeling, which is usually manifested by external signs“. In any case, besides what is externalized, there are also multiple manifestations in body which can be said to be necessary for happiness be specific.

It’s here four hormones keys that actively influence our mood: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin. However, a fifth substance has recently been added, V anandamide. They produce what is known as chemistry of happinesswhich has very beneficial effect on our body improvement self-esteemdecreasing stress and acts as a reinforcer of behavior, in addition to rewarding emotional well-being.

To reap these benefits, it is important that the aforementioned hormones are released in blood flow. How to do it? joy trains: first of all, it is necessary to cultivate and maintain Healthy habits.

Happiness hormones promote good health and reduce stress, among other things (Getty)

In this sense physical activity This is one of the main pillars for achieving joy. Scientific evidence suggests that people who perform exercise in a sustainable way release hormones that generate happiness. Meanwhile, other habits can help, according to doctors Veronica Bramajo (MN 97448) and Maria Mercedes Lopez (MN 97453), medical clinic coordinators HEALTH CENTERS DIM, for example, eating healthy and varied foods, being around loved ones, and prioritizing plans that give us pleasure and peace of mind. Here’s an overview:

Know yourself. We must know what makes us happy, because only in this way can we engage in activities that give us pleasure. To do this, we must evaluate what aspects have brought us joy lately and take actions to repeat them.

Be positive. Many times we experience negative feelings that only cause a bad mood. You must break this vicious cycle by thinking positively and working on optimism to see the good side of existence.

Practice self-esteem. “I love myself, I have the right to be happy and laugh many times even at things that are not very happy,” a phrase that should be carried like a banner. Humor is useful for channeling negativity. When we feel good, we are more likely to become happy people, we can accept criticism and work on it from a positive perspective and growth.

Sport is one of the main habits for the secretion of hormones of happiness (Getty)

Assertiveness at work. To be happy, we must protect our rights and manage conflict resolution.. Life is not always happy, and in many cases there will be problems for which we must be prepared.

Be sensitive to others and be able to ask for help. To enjoy joy, we must be empathetic and enjoy the happiness of those around us. On the other hand, if we are unable to cultivate joy, we must turn to professionals for help.

For his part, Dr. Laura Muffyendocrinologist, stress specialist and director of the Maffei Centro Médico, contributed to the dialogue with information accurate data on hormones of happiness. “In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the “four of happiness” – a set of hormones important for our mood: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. This term became popular due to positive influence what do they have in our emotional well-being. Each plays an important role, and together they contribute to feelings of happiness and well-being. These hormones are neurotransmitters that are produced in different parts of the body and have specific effects on the brain,” he explained.

Social connections and closeness with loved ones bring us joy (Getty)

serotoninfor example, – continued Maffei, – is produced in the intestines and in the central nervous system and is involved in the regulation of mood, sleep and appetite. dopamineFor its part, it is produced in different areas of the brain and is associated with motivation, reward and addiction. oxytocin produced in the hypothalamus and released during moments of intimacy and social bonding, while endorphins They are produced in the nervous system and act as natural analgesics.

For his part, Dr. Alexander Andersson, neurologist and medical director of the Institute of Neurology of Buenos Aires (INBA), explained Information that there is a fifth hormone of happiness and included anandamide: “It is a neurotransmitter belonging to the endocannabinoid family. It is associated with the regulation of mood, memory, appetite and well-being. “Anandamide is believed to promote feelings of happiness, relaxation, and euphoria. It is a chemical naturally produced by the body that binds to the same receptors as the active compounds found in the cannabis plant.”

According to Andersson, there are several ways to increase your anandamide naturally. One of these is aerobic exercise, such as running or cardiovascular exercise, which has been shown to increase levels of this hormone in the brain. “Running not only increases endorphins, but it also increases anandamide levels and therefore gives a state of pleasure,” the neurologist said.

Another way to stimulate the production of joy hormones is to caress our pets (Getty)

In addition to anandamide, which has recently been added to the list of another happiness hormone, the classic “four” of joy at the blood level consists of the already described dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Here is an overview of each of them:

dopamine It has to do with motivation and the reward system. That’s why it makes us competitive, protects us from danger, and helps us reach our goals. In addition, our brain releases dopamine when we are suddenly confronted with a reward. Thus, the main functions of this hormone are to increase heart rate and pressure, regulate attention, sleep and physical activity.

oxytocin, Also known as the “love hormone”, it allows us to create bonds with other people, making us able to feel affection and empathy. The effects of this substance can be seen in lowering blood pressure and heart rate, improving healing, reducing muscle tension, and raising pain threshold. Closeness to other people with whom there is a connection increases the level of oxytocin, and this creates more trust, causing them to take more risks in relationships. Other ways to increase it naturally through petting pets or hugging.

Healthy eating is the basis of joy (Getty)

The hormone responsible for finding emotional balance is serotonin, It also controls body temperature and appetite. For the production of this hormone of happiness, a substance called tryptophan is needed. This is achieved through foods such as pasta, rice or cereals, among others. However, it can also be obtained through regular exercise or relaxation techniques.

meanwhile, endorphins These are chemicals that are thought to be more powerful than analgesics. These are small proteins that have a chemical structure very similar to morphine, but in this case they occur naturally. They are released in areas of the brain that are at the center of pain. In addition, it usually manifests itself when we train (for example, in the feeling of energy and enthusiasm that comes from finishing a marathon); when we are excited and expect; or when we eat hot or pure chocolate.

High levels of endorphins are beneficial because they can suppress pain as well as strengthen social bonds. On the other hand, a lack or deficiency of this happiness chemical can cause a state of depression or emotional imbalance.

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