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Time passed and it’s been 1 year Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez The wedding took place in Las Vegas in July 2022, and then they celebrated their new union with a wedding in Georgia a week later.

Jennifer Lopez Has a Strategy to Save Her Marriage to Ben Affleck

The actor-couple seemed to be married before calling off their engagement in 2003, mainly because of the media attention. They separated in 2004, each going their separate ways and starting their own lives by marrying other people and having children of their own. However, Ben Affleck and JLo have found love again and decided to get back together in 2021 and eventually decide to marry next year.

However, marital problems have persisted with the couple since then, and some reports suggest that Ben and JLo are trying impossible to save their marriage.Even working on a relationship with ex-wife of The Batman actor Jennifer Garner.

The pair recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a lavish trip to the Hamptons with their blended family. Jennifer Lopez also released a new song she wrote for her husband on their trip to Las Vegas.

JLo has a cordial relationship with Jennifer Garner to avoid problems with Ben

According to some sources, Jennifer is looking for ways to save her marriage, and one of her main options seems to be her relationship with Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Despite the fact that the marriage between Affleck and Garner ended long ago, the actors still keep in touch, and are grounded for the well-being of their son. Apparently, this has caused a huge strain in JLo’s marriage. SHowever, she is willing to work to make things better with her husband’s ex-wife for the good of the marriage.

“J Lo has admitted that Jen will always be a big influence for Ben,” a source told Radar Online in June. “Even though they are not married, I still value Jane’s opinion and respect”.

“Don’t want to fight with J. Lo or Ben,” he said. “She wants peace and harmony and Ben loves and values ​​her again. Ye la major persona para ayudarla es jen”.

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