Why cancel “Black Adam 2”? It Was My Favorite Dwayne Johnson, “La Roca”

Dwayne Johnson, La Roca, was joined by his colleague Kevin Hart and informed about the cancellation of “.black adam 2,

Dwayne Johnson talks about the fallout "black adam" En la tequila del 2022 y revealed the reasons why the sequel was cancelled.

Dwayne Johnson talks about ‘Black Adam’ sequel in 2022 and reveals reasons why the sequel was canceled

Dwayne Johnson promised that “black adamTo be revolutionary, without restrictions, just go on the list of DC’s failed intentions for a new taquilera movie. Even before Warner announced that James Gunn would be in charge of a cinematographic ‘reboot’ of the entire expanded universe of the remembered superhero, it was his last breath.

Although many were thrilled with the Jaime Collet-Serra-directed film and looked forward to seeing more of Superman playing ‘La Roca’, it just couldn’t happen. So it seems, we were left wanting to know what would happen next in the post-credits scenes that also involved Superman.

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What happened to “Black Adam 2”?

The film, which featured a WWE ouster as the protagonist, had everything in store for a fresh starting point for the jaded DCU, which, up to that point, didn’t quite have the right formula for connecting with audiences the way Marvel had already achieved. Had taken. Sadly, despite the great expectation many had about the campaign and the comic strip company’s Egyptian superhuman, “black adamShocked by the tequila and the results were disastrous.

The sale didn’t go through to the partner who hired Warner, and with the almost immediate announcement of a change in leadership at ‘DC Studios’, now james gunn or Peter Safran In charge, now focusing on the restructuring of the new films, “Black Adam 2” in the future.

Asi Johnson used his social networks to confirm that he did not already have more titles in mind for the character, but was evaluating something else in “the vast diversity of DC Comics”.

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Dwayne Johnson talks about the cancellation of “Black Adam 2”

The actor engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with his friend and actor Kevin Hart on his podcast “Hart on Hart” and took the opportunity to reveal several details as to why the sequel to his film was cancelled.

The sequel, according to what ‘La Roca’ told Strong character film rejected By new leadership within Warner Bros. Search. In the same way it was known that COVID-19 and the closure of cinemas was also a strong factor that ruined “Black Adam”.

”’Black Adam” got caught in the whirlpool of the new leadership. Hubo many changes in leadership, Every time you have a company, a company that is quoted on a stock exchange, and you have all these changes in leadership, you have people who are creatively and financially trying to make decisions with those people. There are those who cannot agree”, commented the actor.

However, he questioned why the film ended with failure My opening has been very promising in terms of audience.

“You have a superhero and you want to grow your franchise. Superman and Henry Cavill’s world has become obsessed. And we created a diverse portfolio of superheroes where we only have men and women of color. Black Adam was one of those films that got caught in the network of new leaders”, claims Johnson.

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