Where to Watch MTV Miaw 2023 EN VIVO Live Via Online Streaming


This Sunday, 6th August, a new edition of MTV Miyaw 2023 will be held. Here we tell you where to watch it live.

Adopt a fresh new version.
© Getty ImagesAdopt a fresh new version.

Come on that day! This one Sunday 6 August a new version of them will be released MTV Meow 2023 (MTV Millennial Awards), The same people accomplish the same work for which time was behind MTV Video Music Awards Latin America Instead of musical references, an eJ was inserted in the emerging youth.

This event matters overall 28 categories And its peculiarity is that the public can vote through MTV’s official website for each of them who deserves to win. Some of the artists and influencers nominated for the occasion are Young Miko, Nathanael Cano, Gera MX, featherweight Nikki Nicole, Bad Bunny, Rav Alejandro, Javier Ibarreche, Jizzini and Tammy Parra.

+Links to Watch MTV MiyaV 2023 Live & Direct Via Online Streaming

Los MTV Miaov 2023 can be viewed live on television through MTV Channel. Apart from this, there will also be live broadcast from here. pluto tvPlatforms You Can Access Click here,

+ What time is the event?

  • Mexico: 21:00 p.m.
  • Peru: at 22:00
  • Colombia: at 22:00
  • Ecuador: at 22:00
  • Chile: at 23:00
  • Argentina: 00:00 PM (August 7)
  • Uruguay: 00:00 PM (August 7)
  • Brazil: 00:00 PM (August 7)
  • spain: 05:00 PM (August 7)

+¿How to vote at the Awards Ceremony?

To vote for your favorite artist, you must enter the official site of MTV, choose the respective category and finally click on the photo of the one you want to win. It doesn’t matter where you are registered.


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