when sorola’s light went out

The funeral procession crossed the whole of Madrid in one minute, from the burning chapel of the Sorolla palace to the Estación de Mediodia, located on the outskirts of the northern part. I stopped in front of the Museum of Modern Art in the center of the capital, to which one response was rezó. A railroad convoy transferred the remains to his burial site in Valencia, the birthplace of the genius who received Captain General Con Mando’s honor in the plaza. Spain has never said goodbye to a painter with more dedication, but rarely does an artist come across who represents the soul of a country in that way – like Goya, like Velazquez. Finally and finally Joaquin Sorolla had died performing an epic stuntthere’s a giant painting in memory spain philosophy,

Sorolla officially died a layman on August 10, 1923, in Cercedilla, a town in the Sierra de Madrid, where he had built a hotel to beat the Madrid heat. In fact, it had been three years since Sorolla’s light, the painter of light, had been turned off. On June 17, 1920, an attack of hemiplegia took the artist’s life, although his body continued to breathe for the next three years. It can be decided that you go to Murio with a weapon in your hand; The palette and brushes depicting Pérez de Ayala’s wife, Mabel Rick, would be like the hoplon and sarissa of Hoplita, es d’ésir, the shield and spear of the Greek warrior. and to follow with reference to the classic world, which may well be related to Sorolla, a very modern painter weary murio, weary of warLike the Athenian citizen Philippides, who had to run 42 kilometers to Athens to bring the news of victory after the Battle of Marathon, and died after broadcasting the message of glory.

In recent times, as part of a trend to revise everything, some researchers have sought to rewrite the medical cause of Sorolla’s death. Senalan had problems ranging from high blood pressure to poisoning caused by the paint he used. Sorolla painted with wonderful colours, but those bright white parts of his paintings he played with were the deathly white of the plume, the rest of the barmelon being composed of mercury and sulphur, the dark green shale giving it a mixture of copper and arsenic. was given to a Swedish chemist, and there is no way to know how many deaths occurred in the papers featured in the 19th siglo green shaleEven though Queen Victoria had ordered them removed from the walls of Buckingham Palace on suspicion of their poisoning.

‘Muchachas en la Playa’ by Joaquin Sorolla.

These hypotheses are probably true, even if they do not do much more than abundance: The artist who sacrifices his life for the art. De Hecho led to the establishment of a close relationship between Sorolla and Goya, because of the terrible unknown disease that attacked Goya during a trip to Andalusia, from which he survived but left him deaf, certainly due to the use of poisoned paint. Was poisoned by

Ann the man who killed liberty valenceJohn Ford’s masterpiece, when it is revealed that the protagonist, James Stewart, did not actually kill the evil Liberty Valance, the journalist decides not to publish the true story and says: «print legend», let’s publish the legend, This is the legend of the death of Joaquín Sorolla.

Huntington and Sorolla

At the end of the 19th century, while he was still in training, Sorolla was already a well-known and highly valued painter. In 1900, he triumphed in Paris and broke boundaries to become an international star. Thus, at an exhibition of his work held in London in 1908, a transcendent encounter occurs in art history when an American millionaire named Huntington is dazzled by Sorolla’s light.

I have to say that the client is, at best said, the patron in a purely Renaissance sense, at the height of the artist, Archer Milton Huntington is the son of an unmarried mother, Arabella Duval, who would become the richest woman in America thanks to her successive marriages. Since he was a little boy, it is clear that Archer would dedicate himself to earn more money, but spend it, even though he would not waste a single dollar, but create An emporium for the protection of culture without parallels.

Along with your love for art, Huntington feels another burning passion: Spain. Ever since he visited Mexico 15 years ago and was first exposed to Hispanic culture, Huntington has been fascinated. Start studying the language that will be mastered until you become a good Spanish poet. At the age of 22, he comes to Spain for the first time, and the enamoramiento is already in full swing and for life. Huntington is not a hunter like other American millionaires who compete to turn their mansions into museums of European art, in fact he is quite the opposite, a keeper. I have a clear idea of ​​reviving culture, recovering damaged works, rescuing lost items, Together with his friend Marqués de la Vega-Inclán, he is the creator of the concept of Patrimonio Nacional Español. Among other things, they will find the Museo del Greco de Toledo and the Casa de Cervantes de Valladolid.

When Huntington learned of Sorolla’s work in London in 1908, he immediately had a vision, At the entrance, the painter is taken to New York and organizes an exhibition at his favorite institution, the Hispanic Society of America, the main center of Spanish culture in the United States. Valencian’s success in the city of skyscrapers is a rollercoaster, and will be reproduced in Chicago and St. Louis, Missouri. The President of the United States has requested that he paint the Spanish genius, who has already painted King Alfonso XIII. This is why Sorolla is already rich thanks to its brushes, but it will be much richer in North America.

sin embargo aso es lo de minima, Most importantly, on the trip to the other side of the Atlantic, Huntington manages to put Sorolla to sleep. The North American who loves Spain the most wants an artist who feels Spain with the same passion to be brought into his Hispanic Society.

The epic of ‘Vision de España’

Huntington wants to cover the walls of the Hispanic Society’s great library with what it calls simply spain philosophy, wanted to recreate the landscapes, the people, the beauty of Spain so that whoever enters there would be amazed, charmed by the Spanish, I don’t want subject matter, I don’t want panderetta folklore, but rather the authentic vision that a painting genius can give that deeply feels your country. And Sorola recruits as if he had been trained in Tercio, ready to die in the company. And so it will be.

To accomplish his mission, Sorolla traveled throughout Spain between 1912 and 1916. Together with his friend Marqués de la Vega-Inclán, he tried to alleviate the situation by making the first tourist stop, Traveling deep into Spain at the beginning of the 20th century is a daunting test. The avenues, the means of transport—occasionally Caballeria rides—, the non-existent housing infrastructure seem to have been invented to discourage the traveller. But Sorolla doesn’t laugh, even though he’s not exactly a young man.

And when he collects the cats, he shapes them into a cyclopean work. AleThe 14 panels contain a total of over 210 square meters of painted linen. The squares are of different sizes, but all are spacious, with the smallest being three meters in length and medium in height and three meters in width, although there are also much larger ones. Castilla has an average of over 13 meters from side to side. To paint them, the use of scales, scaffolding etc. is necessary. Sorola is constantly climbing and descending these structures due to the extreme physical exercise given by her age and her condition. Only Miguel Angel, who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in solitude, has gone through so much physical pain in the making of a painting.

Sorola suffers from the sea, Say in your letters that you cry at night from pain and fatigue, He completed 14 panels in 1919, but he would not see them installed in the Library of the Hispanic Society, because the following year, after several friends, he encountered the definitive ictus that blocks the painter’s light of light.

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