What to watch on television | ‘Family Secrets’ Searches for the Sardar’s Assassin While Johnny Depp Becomes ‘The Tourist’ on LA 1

‘Family Secrets’ Searches for the Sardar’s Assassin While Johnny Depp Becomes ‘The Tourist’ on LA 1Twitter

Antena 3: ‘Family Secret’ 22:00

Antena 3 airs tonight at 22:00 A new chapter in ‘Family Secrets’, At the time of delivery, Ilgaz’s brother did not want his friend to escape justice after all his crimes and would not stop until he found his address. After finding and confronting him, Sinar was ready to shoot him when he called Parla to warn his abuela. I wanted Gulle to decide the fate of her husband!

On the other hand, While Sinar is aiming the pistol, talk to Aylin, Osman, Gul, and Merden. A few moments later, we see everyone sitting together, a little bewildered, then we learn that… the serdar is made! What does ¿tendran have to do with Assassinato?

This fact makes all the heroes feel very distressed by what has just happened, especially Parla and Sinar. Young Erguvan would sell himself down, telling his friend that he was too scared. “Lo hecho, hecho esta”, he says, trying to reassure her. what will you hide Habran ends Elos con la vida de serdar?

Finally, a mysterious man will lie and confess to being Sardar’s killer and tell a false story, but the trials he is lying about. Furthermore, Celine will learn that Osman is hereditary and will begin to distrust his family. Will you seek the truth?

‘Secretos de Familia is one of the fiction broadcast from 2021, which has had the greatest success in Turkey, being the number one audience in its first season. Its excellent data and great results in its country of origin has led to a renewal for a second season, which is being broadcast in the current television course in Turkey.

Sold in more than 20 countries, this new production counts with a cast of interpreters such as Turkish stars Kan Urgancioglu and Pinar Deniz, their two charismatic protagonists and whose chemistry like Ilgaz and Selin has been highly highlighted by fiction followers .

TVE: ‘Film of the week’: ‘The Tourist’ 22:10 h

TVE’s first broadcast will be tonight at 22:10 on the strap ‘The Tourist’ under ‘La Film de la Semana’. it’s about a The film premiered in 2010 starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. as a hero.

That’s ‘The Tourist’

Frank (Depp) is an American tourist who travels to Italy to recover from a failed love affair. Elise (Jolie) is an extraordinary woman who deliberately carves her own path. With the incomparable landmark of Venice as the backdrop, Frank lets himself be swept up in love, but Alice soon finds herself engulfed in a whirlwind of intrigue and danger. Remake of “The Anthony Zimmer Secret” (Jerome Salle, 2005).

LaFriday: “Boyhood (Momentos De Una Vida)” 9:30 PM

The film ‘Boyhood (Momentos de Una Vida)’ is being broadcast this Friday at 9:30 pm. Popular drama starring Ellar Coltrane and filmed for 12 years, The film, classified by some as an “emotional genius”, was released in 2014 and was directed by Richard Linklater.

Such ‘Boyhood (Moments of a Farewell)’

Dramatic story spanning six to six years (2002–2013) in the life of Mason (Ellar Coltrane). During this period, all kinds of changes, changes and disputes happen, relationships break up, weddings, different schools, first love, disappointments and wonderful moments. An intimate journey through the excitement of childhood, the seismic changes of the modern family, and the passage of time.

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