“We will always be a group of 70, we are not in that name”

“We will always be a group of 70, we are not in that name”

It took Fangoria more than 30 years to dance for themselves and strangers. The musical project that Alaska and Nacho Canut formed in 1989 after the disbandment of their previous group (Alaska and Dinarama), created a tray full of singles and continues to fill festivals and large venues today. Anoche performed at the Festival Amante de Borja in Zaragoza on a tour that also included Rufus T. Firefly and La La Love You. Alaska is in charge of answering the questions in this diary.

-Do they keep motivating you to give concerts?

“Still enjoying us, of course. And we love everything related to cake, circling the van, going to the hotel, eating together… Of course, we came across some of the groups that we decided to play in the year 2021. And without diminishing the show by anything. We decided that we went to ‘atc’ (a todo kono) with only one pantala and four dancers, because there is no mistake in who is going to see it.

-Following fashion and trends…

-Bueno, I think we are senors or (re). And it’s not that we are on top, the point is that we are on the side. A nosotros las modus y las propensities leaves us mesmerized. This year, for example, we made a guino for Aitana inside Bailando (make a version of en el coche). The world doesn’t stop and we keep buying records and books and watching series, but it’s clear that things no longer affect us like when we were 15, which was like having our lives change every three months.

-Do they care to include new sounds in Fangoria?

“We don’t care about it at all. Sometimes we try things that don’t sell because we like certain styles, sometimes something happens that doesn’t know if it’s a fluke or a blessing. And that’s what we were trying to do when we did it, but it didn’t work for Fangoria. For example, if we make a reggaeton base and put our voice on top, as we don’t go with the flow in these things, we end up selling an electronic song by Fangoria, Es como que lo fagositamos. Todo.

-Ahora everything is more mixed?

– I believe yes. That’s what you wanted, before life changed us too fast. You were in the middle of punk living with disco music and all of a sudden acid house came in and all of a sudden grunge… it was all one continuous jolt. Ahora yes no, ahora esta todo my mezclado, pero no es que una cosa barra a la otra, todo coexistence.

Siempre Han defends that they are a group from the 70s.

After all, that’s what we’ll always be. The new ADN is another step. We have a mindset and a way of working which is not of this name. We’re not even in the 80s. Nuestra’s grounds are in the late 70s way of thinking and feeling.

-How can I see the development of music theory in Spain?

I think 2020 suddenly brought a huge change. A clear example of this is The Weeknd phenomenon, a black man who suddenly looks like A-ha. It’s been very important, because suddenly there’s a more electronic and techno part that has invaded everything urban music demands. Electronics are now included in all the songs of hit artists. A Nosotros captivated us with Bizarrap even before it even existed in the world.

He always stays away from all controversies. Only entertainment comedy?

-Nosotros Hemos survived by creating our parallel world, but not because it’s better…that’s why you have to leave. I understand that those in the political profession support it, just as we claim glamor as a way of life. But that’s another, it doesn’t inspire or impress us at all. It would be very artificial on our part to talk about these things.

-Can you watch ‘La Bola de Cristal’ currently airing?

—Deceased this week is Paul Rubens (known artistically as Pee-wee Herman), who has been a great role model for me and who had a children’s show in the United States. It would be impossible to do this program today. It remains to be decided that there is no single españa, it is a mundo entero. My generation is the first generation to hear that there are some things we used to do and can’t do anymore. When the world was always upside down. More or less the same idea prevailed every time that bad things can be done.

Are you creating a new theme?

No, for the coming year. Now we are playing and we don’t have anyone who wants to mix these two things together. We don’t know what we’re going to do, maybe this time we want a full album… but I don’t even know why the idea of ​​doing a single came up when we set our feet on 2021 and 2022 and someone Not four or five… We are absurdly baroque, as Nacho says.

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