(VIDEO) Adele sings greetings to a fan at her concert

( British singer, Adele, sorprendio el virnes a un fan, who attended the concert of the artist next to your mother in Las Vegas.

Sebastian, who was wearing a white set, entered in shock. When performing “Rolling in the Deep”, “Hello”, “Someone Like You” among other hits, He reached where he was.

man’s eyes filled with tears Al ver a la Britannica mu cerca de l.

“Sebastian, ¿con que vino está noche?”, he asked Adele.

“Con Me Madre”, The young man responds by nodding to his mother, who immediately salutes the artist.

el fan de la cantante le canto que son of mexico Adele was curious as to why she attended his concert.

Sebastian pointed it out He was your friend.

The artist asked everyone present to join him in the corner.

“Happy Birthday! Happy Complenos!”, All sing in unison in English.

The young man could not believe the moment he was living, especially when there was a singer in front of him.

“Thank you”, I tell Adele, she was on the verge of crying with emotion, while everyone clapped.

British performing a series of concerts at the Coliseum of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas; The artist debuts in November 2022.

last concert which will be in nevada This will happen in November this year.

In addition to Adele, several artists performed concerts at the Colosseum of Caesars Palace, Like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

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