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Scary english pirates, Francis Drake Winter on the Coast of Puerto San Julian At the end of the sixteenth century. Las natural caves of the region moved away from his pastoral houses For some time. Ale Hambre and diseases induced malaise and riots among men and such Drake tuvo que cortale la cabeza a uno de los rebelles.

It is a snapshot of what happened in these remote lands and Gustavo Simoes, who has been a student of pirates since childhood, took care to rewrite all the information to put it in one book.

Portrait Francis Drake. image zenda books

Tragedy in the air: Who was the man who died mid-flight returning from Patagonia?

They Public Accountant and Professor at the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco Until a few months back. You are 65 years old and the first pirate novel came into your hands when you were only 6 years old. When I was a teenager I came across a book that talks about the true history of these sailors and from that moment on I never stopped being interested in this part of history that very few people know.

“En todo los tiempos y en todos las tierras hubo pirates. I believe the first caveman who used a trunk to navigate met another who wanted to steal a robot seal”, Simoes said.

He identified himself as a voracious reader and the many books that passed through his hands were the ones that allowed him to reach certain conclusions.

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He currently lives with his wife Silvia in Rada Tilli, a few meters from the sea. Your studio is on the top floor of the house. Natural light enters in all directions and from up there you can see the sun that has re-emerged amidst the hail.

Two libraries rise from floor to ceiling and both form a tunnel that could be a portal to other siglos and other seas. The sounds of an ocean, a boat, a corona and a pirate echo between the paper and each shelf.

One 1500 pounds be a part of Collection who matters there History of Marines, Pirates and ocean ships in different seas of the planet earth. since they Vikingos to “Los Pueblos del Mar” in Ancient Egypt. French, Dutch and English pirates are part of this heavy maritime history it’s a place to build characters like them Jack SparrowVoiced by Johnny Depp.

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Ann Interview with ADNSURGustavo Simoes hablo about your interest in this part of history and the book you’ll publish This is followed by a chronological review and description of their experiences pirates who sailed along the patagonian shores,

It was difficult to move between libraries and go through the office area. Every centimeter showed a book which Gustavo took out and showed. Some are written in French and some in English, many containing maps and portraits of long-haired men.

As an economics professor, he recognized a “professional distortion” and had to make connections to economic history and the capitalist system. But what will Tendran see these sinister personalities with the world economies? Readers can find all these questions in his book.

Fear in Patagonia: a mountain collapsed and a family was trapped under rocks

The Altillo also serves as a library in Gustavo’s house

los piratas y las potentias mundiales

loss pirates were cuentapropistesfrontier creatures who lived within the bounds of the law and they attacked where the money was, On the other hand, first political structures not counted in the naval forces they hired marines Privateers were made part of its fleet and it was from here that pirates gained prominence. Las Coronas your repository was “plumped” and maintained its shining courts Con los aportes de estos malvivientes.

“Furaon works a los poders de shift. It is repeated cyclically in different ages and in different oceans. The British were the biggest sponsors of pirates”, says the teacher.

Volunteers are searching for a man who disappeared during an expedition in Patagonia

One of them economists most important in the world, John Maynard Keynes Explained and quantified the economic consequences of Drake’s sacking of America on his famous world tour. These riches allowed the British monarchy to pay their deities in full.

“Discovery of Cerro Potosi’s Plate Changed the Logic of World Money”, Gustavo expressed.

Isabel I and Francis Drake. For Imagen ABC Cultural Spanish, this pirate was Public Enemy No. 1. For the British, for a long time he was an absolute national hero.

Pirates and Corsarios

When Court Interacted with pirates to conduct their exploration missions He granted a patent for the Corsair, it is Reserved a percentage of admissions for private individuals and if they catch them, they can escape from them up to the death penalty. loss Privateers protected the interests of Corona Y aso les daba status.

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Las Tembles Costas Patagonias y Sus Navegantes

pirates and privateers who passed by patagonian coast I only did it because I needed to take action. money not represented for elos. floor wanted to go to the pacific to reach them Peru’s fate.

hernando de magellan He was a Marino who was hired by the King of Spain, Carlos I Tuvo la Taska de find a step towards the pacific Que los levera hacia las indias. feu queen discovered the narrow Que hoy lleva su nombre.

One 50 Years Later, Drake followed in the footsteps of Magellan thomas cavendish who are your temporary shelter during the winter nombro al puerto natural where it was known as puerto decidoIn honor of one of his boats, Desire.

Las Penurias in Patagonia

A 60-year-old man died of a heart attack while he was with his young lover in a makeshift hotel

The life and experiences that Simoes recounts on the pages of his books are very close to him “Pirates of the Caribbean” Which we know for movies. They were the perfect product to sell adventure, heroes and exotic landscapes film industry.

Patagonian Coastal Fauna. Illustration by Lia Navarro

There impermanence it was too high in the sea average lifespan was 27, similar diseases scurvy and hambre They were on the order of the day. When pirates bet on the coasts of the Patagonian region, they lose to the extreme. survived with a Diet based on penguins, shellfish and some guanacos, Los Encuentros con Los Origineros were quite hostile.

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the trips were very rustic and Do not travel with doctorsif there was accident probably carpenter he was in charge of cut some legs And it’s possible that from there the idea arises that they all The pirates had the “Address de Palo”.

The number of boats and sailors depended on the characteristics of the campaign. Venturing from Europe to the South Atlantic was an undertaking that required a large economic outlay, with almost everything being financed by Corona.

Nave del Siglo XV. Illustration by Lia Navarro

drake left from plymouth with 5 boats, Caught one, banished the other, released the other, banished the other to the sea. A storm in the seas of Sur Kasi reached Antarctica, and this is what happened 1 finished his crossing with the only ship.

Alert for heavy snowfall and extreme cold in Patagonia

“Corsarios and pirates on the seas and shores of Patagonia”, this is how your book will be called which includes a timeline he goes from 1578 and that extends to the German Corsair in the year 1943.

Gustavo talks about pirates and another life snakes in his eyes. From the first floor of his house, it seemed as if he was looking at the distant horizon, from where huge wooden boats with wide sails were moving among the waves. He spoke, he smiled and it was as if he was lost in a time tunnel created by the pages of his books and the miniatures of the ships.

In his hands he took the last eraser of his book and on its pages reported the pirates passing through Patagonia.

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