Travis Scott and a Daft Punk take on “Modern Themes” –

El Disco de la Semana is playing ‘Utopia’ by Travis Scott and is on the field for its great numbers. ‘Utopia’ is a super hip-hop production which includes really amazing beats like ‘Hyna’, ‘Forever Lost’ or ‘Modern Jam’.

‘Modern Jam’ sets itself apart from the rest of the ‘Utopia’ tracks for its electronic sound. It turns out that it is Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, a former member of Daft Punk, who sets this foundation of futuristic electro, on which Travis writes his verses.

The story of ‘Modern Jam’ is directly related to Travis’ mentor Kanye West. The premise of ‘Modern Jam’ is the same one heard in an early version of ‘I’m a God’ by Kanye before it reached the finished version we all know, including the landmark ‘Yeezus’ (2013).

Maybe the base of ‘Modern Jam’ goes on for more than ten years, but it’s not noticeable. Describing the synthesizer as an “al espacio exterior”, rapper Travis found himself at a loss when he compared himself with his fellow rappers. He is taller than them.

In ‘Utopia’, ‘Modern Jam’ offers an oasis of pop. In the first place because Travis made some very sticky bars. And no, Travis doesn’t get a Pulitzer for writing “Hey, Guy-Man, brought her home from France / This shit punk, put it on the Bible / I like a bi girl on a bicycle” or “Then I’m a Bought the car, now she feel entitled / My dick’s so hard, pokin’ like Eiffel, but the rhyme’s memorable. You can’t say nothing, but gotta catch the sound of the words.

And then there’s the Tezo Touchdown collaboration. The Texas rapper, promising to rap even though she doesn’t have a disco single on the market, delivers one of her best moments singing ‘Utopia’ on the bridge: “I know you’re singin’ / Waitin’ outside in line / Gettin’ told one at a time. The epic melody, and its dramatic singing melody, elevate the song to the category of “modern theme”.

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