The Oppenheimer family is angry with Nolan over this scene in the film

A lo mejor a los historias no les ha gustado Oppenheimer, pero a su nieto c. Charles Oppenheimer He’s given an interview in which he’s admitted to enjoying Christopher Nolan’s new film, but it also shows a little be troubled by a very concrete scene de la misma. we are referring to the one in which there is a very young OP He gets angry with his teacher and tries to poison him,

“There is no evidence that anybody tried to kill anybody. this is a very serious allegation, There is not a single friend or foe of Robert Oppenheimer who has ever heard him say he thought so”, assured the son of the creator of the atomic bomb.

But Charles, who insisted that he assured he enjoyed the film, also had other moments when he sobbed. “I believe Last conversation between Einstein and Oppenheimer, although very effective, it is not very historical”. son of arciconosido theoretical physicist said he was Worried because hisieron seem aggressive and malicious to your ancestor. It mattered that I went running on the day Cillian Murphy was sworn in and that I had to call someone Gillipoulos. “When you tell my father, i got scared, that’s what i tell myself Robert Oppenheimer never took an oath, He had a very formal personality. I had to explain to him that it was a dramatization. Then it turned out that he did it only at a certain moment in the film, the only moment I saw it live.

Did Oppenheimer try to poison his teacher?

In Nolan’s defense it has to be said that the filmmaker based his film on American Promise, biography of Oppenheimer Kai Byrd and Martin J. Written by Sherwin, curiously thanks to Robert Pattinson. “See lie american Prometheus con deternimiento”, Charles Oppenheimer explains, “the author says that you really don’t know what it is, It is clear that the reference comes from two or three journalists who talked to Robert about a holiday trip he took as a young man, but no one ever understood what he was referring to. Were. so the less unfortunate Prometio Americano summarizes the Oppenheimer tried to kill its conductor You can only investigate doubts”.

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