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Despite the incredible success, Warner Bros. The sequel is yet to get the green signal. During post-production of the comedy, a few attempts were made to strike up a conversation with the fabulous team of Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie it is Ryan Gosling To bring to life the long-awaited Barbie 2.

However, nothing has been made official yet, and both the director and the stars have not sealed any prenuptial agreement on the future of the saga.

according to information received hollywood reporter, Warner Bros. Pictures surprised her by not inserting a continuity clause in Barbie’s contracts, which is quite unusual in the film industry.

This means that both the main cast and creative team will have to negotiate to agree new deals if there is interest in moving forward with a potential sequel. The situation adds a touch of mystery behind the scenes, leaving fans curious to know if the story will continue on the big screen.

Margot Robbie, for example, brought the iconic Mattel doll to life and also receives a producer credit through her LuckyChap brand, however, she is not contracted to the franchise for future productions.

In the case of Kane’s interpreter, Ryan Gosling, he does not have an agreement to participate in the sequel. This is in line with his so-called “one and done” career approach, a stance that avoids being stuck in the same role for too long.

As far as director and co-writer Greta Gerwig is concerned, no commitments have been made for future projects. According to the website, Warner Bros. Pictures tried to secure her return to direct another film, but the filmmaker’s representatives cleverly delayed the decision until after the release of Barbie.

Considering that the global box office is about to touch the $1 billion mark, this could prove to be one of the smartest moves of the year.

After the Writers Guild of America closing and the SAG-AFTRA strikes, it’s likely that everyone involved will be demanding “a lot of zeroes” on their checks to return to Barbieland. After all, the blockbuster success of the film makes their bet all the more valuable.

barbie continues to break records and is still running in theatres.

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