The Duke of Sussex is not confused about Cillian Murphy’s nationality

Several messages are circulating on social networks with a video purportedly showing the Duke of Sussex (formerly Prince Harry) attributing British nationality to the film’s lead actor Cillian Murphy. oppenheimerDespite being Irish. The clip circulated by social networks from July 22 is false: the audio has been manipulated.

In fact, the original video, which was recorded on July 13 of 2017, shows the two having a conversation different from what is heard in the doctored video. In addition, the soundtrack heard in the altered recording features an interview with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy for the film. OriginalIn the year 2010.

Viral messages appear in several languages: “No, no… I’m Irish and it’s so different”, read the text in Spanish. Meanwhile, internationally, the same statement has been published in English: “You’re British… no, no, no, I’m Irish… there’s a big difference”.

Original audio from an interview with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy not related to the Duke of Sussex

Through reverse search of images with Google Lens, royal encounter between England’s then Prince Harry and actor Cillian Murphy appears with reason for pre-release of film dunkirk In the year 2017. The video belongs to the Associated Press news agency, where, moreover, it is appreciated that the two celebrities have a different conversation regarding the nationality of the interpreter.

premiere day dunkirkOn July 13, 2017, many celebrities gathered in London to attend the event. Along with the already mentioned Cillian Murphy and the Duke of Sussex, other famous people were present, such as the singer Harry Styles or the film’s director Christopher Nolan.

On the other hand, to find the actual sound of the video clip, I introduce the phrase on youtube: “I’m Irish Cillian Murphy”. To introduce these words, a video with the original audio is shown that references an excerpt from a 2010 interview with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy to promote the film. Original, The reporter in the clip assumes both actors to be British. However, Murphy corrects the interviewer as a hero. oppenheimer It’s from Ireland, not the UK.

your day, to promote the film Original known internationally as startBoth actors gave several interviews to media such as Warner Bros. Pictures Mexico.

Birth of the Republic of Ireland

After the end of the War of Independence in 1921, the island of Ireland split into two countries: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Following the Treaty of Independence, the Republic of Ireland became an independent nation after Northern Ireland decided to remain in the United Kingdom. To this, Cillian Murphy claimed that an Irish person is not the same as a British person.

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