The Dangerous Effects of High Temperatures on Your Mental Health

He summer for some vulnerable people, this is the time when they need to step up their care. Especially young children and the elderly should avoid sun exposure during the hours of greatest insolation and maintain proper hydration to avoid fatal physical consequences. But there are alsomental consequences that affect the entire population because theyHigh temperatures exacerbate mental health problemsaccording to a study by Imperial College London (UK).

The authors of the study started by checking that during periods of higher temperatures -like heat waves- the number of consultations about mental disorders in polyclinics and hospitals has increased. So they wanted to find out if there was a connection, and they did a study on the effects of outdoor temperature on health. The evidence is not entirely conclusive, although they observed that there may be a strong relationship based on the effects.

Scientists from the UK Public Schools of Health, in collaboration with two research institutes, published their findings in the scientific journal The Lancet Planetary Health and not only highlight possible links, but also warn of problems in the near future with accelerating global warming.

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High temperatures are bad for mental health

Scientists have already confirmed negative physical effects, such as hot days damaging the heart, but there is another side that is usually not taken into account. “Many people don’t realize that there are mental health risks associated with heat, in addition to physical health risks,” said Dr. Rhiannon Thompson, co-author of the study, presenting the results.

According to the analysis, these problems are exacerbated trouble sleeping and increased feelings of stresstwo factors that contribute to changing mental health.

In addition, there is also a connection with physical changes or even with side effects of certain drugss is necessary for those who are being treated for mental disorders. “Physiological changes, such as changes in circulation or serotonin levels, may also be altered. high temperatures, which can disproportionately affect people with pre-existing mental illnesses who, for example, may suffer from fever due to psychiatric drugs“, said Dr. Thompson from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).

The authors of the study confirmed that this issue should be carefully considered in order to prevent the negative effects of heatwaves, as well as long periods of high temperatures, which are expected due to the climate crisis. According to his observations, patients with these disorders should be under special supervision during estrus as a vulnerable population group. and anticipate the possible adverse context when the thermometer rises to extremes.

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