Taylor Swift Releases “Delicate (Taylor’s Version)” on “The Summer That Changed My Life” Series

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Singer Taylor Swift, known for her careful release strategies, surprised fans with the premiere of “Delicate (Taylor’s Version)” on Prime Video’s “The Summer That Changed My Life.” The song, a re-recording of the album’s hit “Reputation”, plays in the sixth episode of season 2, made available by the streaming service Friday night (4/8).

Speculation about new album

Until now, Taylor Swift has not announced the release of the album “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)”. However, the inclusion of “Delicate (Taylor’s Version)” in the series indicates that the singer is already working on re-recordings.

Taylor, in response to the sale of his masters, re-recorded his first six albums with his original recordings, without the consent of Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, with the intention of re-releasing the original songs, and Had to earn money together. By re-recording her songs, Swift wants to regain control of her music and ensure that the profits from her songs go directly to her.

rewrite success

The most recent re-recording was “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”, which was released on 7 July. In addition to new versions of original tracks, the album also includes unreleased collaborations, such as “Castle Crumbling” with Hayley Williams and “Electric Touch” with Fall Out Boy, and four other songs from the Vault: “Foolish One”. , “Timeless”, “When Emma Falls in Love” and “I Can See You”.

With the release, Taylor became the first woman in history to have four US Top 10 albums at the same time – Billboard’s Top 10. In addition to this record, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” also became the singer’s 12th album to debut at number one on the chart, making her the female artist with the most albums to top the chart of all time.

About the series “The Summer That Changed My Life”

The series “The Summer That Changed My Life” on Prime Video is based on the literary trilogy by American author Jenny Hahn, best known for “To All the Boys I’ve Loved”, a work that was adapted by Netflix. The series focuses on teen Bailey (Lola Tung) and follows the character from ages 15 to 24, her fall in love with two brothers over the course of a summer, and the problems it causes. The series was recently renewed for its third season, which concludes the adaptation of the trilogy.

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