Sandra Bullock’s son Louis has an even better boy-friendly wardrobe than Shiloh Pitt

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Sandra Bullock is quickly becoming a favorite of our A-list moms.

Not only does the Oscar-winning actress do charity work (Parents Magazine named her Hollywood’s Most Philanthropic Mom, FYI), but she also picks up her son from school.

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And he didn’t even bother to try at the school gate like some people. Claudia Schiffer, we’re looking at you.

Dressed in black leggings and some unflattering sneakers, Sandra clearly only cares for little Louis

And who can blame him when he’s so cute.

It’s almost unfair to other Hollywood scions, actually.

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Sandra, 47, adopted 2-year-old Louis Bardo Bullock (as he’s now known) from New Orleans when her marriage to Jesse James was falling apart.

She managed to keep the adoption a secret till April last year.

And since then she’s been the best single mom ever, taking Louis on tons of fun dates with his (hot) famous friends like Ryan Reynolds and George Clooney.

Maybe Louis is auditioning for stepfather?

And apparently, Sandra loves motherhood so much that she plans to adopt a second child.

Why does Prince William support Aston Villa?

A source close to Sandra told, ‘Sandra has always planned to have more than one child.

They believe that now is a good time to welcome the new baby in the family. Louis is a little too young to understand that he is going to be a big brother, but Sandy is trying to prepare him for the change. It took about 18 months for Louise to finally give birth, and there is no time frame for when she will have her second child. Sandy’s adoption attorney told her that the process could take up to a year. It doesn’t matter to him whether it is a boy or a girl. All she wants is a healthy child.

Boy strand better than Shiloh Pitt? ,Image: X17Online)

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