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Chain los nuevos titans Marv Wolfman and Jorge Pérez are comic-book mainstays in the eighth year, except that it will prompt their writers to take over. crisis in infinite tiers, the first major DC Comics crossover. The two had worked together on Los Four Fantasticos de Marvel Comics and, separately, demonstrated their abilities. loss new titans It is considered to be the most important regular series. both achieved The teen version of La Liga de la Justicia Tuviera Su Puesta de Vide and started to become an independent franchise that is still fighting today without even reaching the level achieved at this stage.

As a starting point, we see the group in action through the narrative resource that Robin (Dick Grayson, also in short pants) takes an uncharacteristic look at his future. He is joined by Kid Flash and Wonder Girl, who share their status as teen heroes and fellow veterans of DC Comics. Aqualad and Speedy, sidekicks of Aquaman and Flecha Verde respectively, are not included: Changeling (Chico Bestia) appears in their place. doomed patrol) and three new characters: The exuberant Starfire, the bitter Cyborg and the mysterious Raven. It is the last one that moves the hair so that the group has its first meeting, to face the threat that is part of the Raven itself. Misses the plight of young people trying to juggle superhero uniforms with normal life La Petrulla-X of Claremont and Byron. Absolutely, los nuevos titans It was conceived as a response to himself, but soon the differences became marked: the New Titans neither fear nor hate the humanity they have sworn to protect. Robin is beginning to break away from Batman and it is here that he demonstrates his qualities as a leader, which would lead him to adopt the Nightwing identity. Cyborg is troubled, but he has the facility to integrate. Raven and Starfire are strangers to our world, and each must face the challenge of searching for their new home in different ways; One, concerned about the balance between good and evil in its interior; Second, more carefree and happy. Garfield Logan, the Changeling, provides the comic counterpoint. Anyone who knows Wally West as the Flash will be surprised to see that he was insecure at his core. Donna Troy, the Wonder Girl that writers separate from Wonder Woman, will serve to connect the team’s wanderings to Greco-Roman mythology before George Perez will do with her sister Meyer.

New elements appear that will be essential in the DC Universe: the demon Trigon and his obsession with conquering the terrestrial dimension; Slade Wilson, better known as Mercenary death stroke; Legendary Titans… Generally speaking, Wolfman’s scripts have transcended the gamut of time. In the graphic part, we looked at the process of Jorge Perez until he became the sketcher of the masses. Crisis on Infinite Tierras, Here, you can still see the hue of his mentor Rich Buckler, especially through Romeo Thangal’s inked sensillo, but now you can see the detailed detail his readers have eventually become used to.

Marv Wolfman (New York City, 1946) I’m a comic book screenwriter. For Marvel Comics, I wrote Dracula’s Tomb, where artist Jean Colan created Blade Hunter. I wrote the Los Nuevos Titanes y el crossover for DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Tierras, both series with illustrations by Jorge Perez. Of the characters created or co-created by Wolfman, they meet CyborgRaven, Starfire, Deathstroke, Tim Drake, Rose Wilson, Nova, Black Cat, Phobia, Bullseye, Vigilante, and the Omega Men.

George Perez (Ciudad de Nueva York, 1954–Sanford, Florida, 2022) I was a historian who became famous for drawing in the seventies los cuatro fantasticos or los vengadores for Marvel Comics. In the eighth year, I dibujó los nuevos titans, which went on to become one of the best-selling DC Comics series. i drew history Crisis on Infinite Tierras from DC Comics, after which it restarted wonder woman as a full fledged writer. In the early 21st century, he worked on other comics for Marvel, DC, and other companies.

Next week: kondojiro (2023), second album in the series, by Jan rich Text Format, Where the protagonist has to face the exploitation of the people through illegal immigration.


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