Producer seeks over $20 million

dua lipa I have a problem. Interestingly, it is for the same reason, the demand for the same song that was one of his biggest successes in his entire discography:’fly, The artist is one of the most successful artists in the world, but now he has to live with a demand that has jumped into the lexicon of using another artist’s original tunes and lyrics.

The person who has filed the claim against the singer has been a music producer bosco forks, In the document, it is explained how Dua Lipa and her music producer Records, Warner Music Group, Her work was used without the consent of the producer for the song ‘Levitating’, released in 2020.

el dineral que le pied bosco cante a dua lipa

The subject already accumulates three denunciations from the authority of the author, the last one by Kante. Plus, the creator claims an authentic dinner from Dua Lipa: millions of dollars for damage and loss, 20 million dollars For lost profits and even more so for your attorneys’ fees.

in testimony of bosco forks, He composed the tunes and lyrics for the part he played and agreed with Dua Lipa’s producers that he was not allowed to use it. Sin embargo, en el remix de’fly‘ Dua Lipa launched with Madonna, it just doesn’t get done. The legal action was presented in federal court in Los Angeles.

,flyIt includes three demands from three different people in the music industry. The first article was by Soundsystem, where they accused the singer of copying her reggae theme titled ‘Live Your Life’. which saw the light in 2017, This demand is ultimately ignored.

the other was from the musicians Ale. Russell Bown and Sandy LingerJoe says Dua Lipa and his crew stole the beats of “Wiggle and Giggle All Night” from 1979 and “Don Diablo” from 1980. The last one, by Bosco Conte.

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