Preview of final octave and followable figures

The League Cup 2023, which began on July 21 with the match between Inter Miami and Cruz Azul for Sur 3 Group, is moving towards the Grand Final. Eight games of the Octavo de Final will be played Sunday 6, Monday 7 and March 8 in August,

Let’s remember that the total in the tournament 77 parties And the final will be played on Saturday 19 august In a stadium that has not yet been defined.

Keep reading to know the parties and statistics of each team.

What are the shocks, schedule and statistics of the eighth final of the Leagues Cup 2023?

FC Dallas vs Inter Miami | Sunday 6 August

Lionel Messi is undeniably not just a figure inter miami, tournament bells in general. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, who has so far contributed with five goals and one assist, boosted the team’s collective performance. players like Drake Callender, Sergio Busquets, Robert Taylor hey Joseph MartinezAmong others, it has taken a step forward by turning Miami into a serious candidate.

for your part, FC Dallas (the team that is eighth in its MLS conference) and that comes to eliminate Mazatlán in the last two finals, has the Colombian edge figure. Jesus Ferreira Who converted a goal in the tournament. In addition, in your Plantilla also counts with Argentina alan velascoConsidered to be the promise of the young world and has attracted the interest of many international teams.

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 7:30 pm
  • Time Colombia | 20:30
  • Argentina time | 22:30

Philadelphia Union vs New York Red Bulls | moon august 7

Philadelphia Union DC United lost on penalties after the final tie was tied with cero.en. account with the Hungarian midfielder Daniel Gazdag as a designated player and the footballer who scored the most penalty goals in the tournament up to that point.

new york red bull They won 1–0 against their biggest rivals NYCFC in the last round with a goal from Omir Fernandez. Currently, two of the named players are luquinhas from Brazil and dante wanzir from Belgium who would reach his zenith in European football.

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 17:30
  • Time Colombia | 18:30
  • Argentina time | 20:30

Queretaro vs New England Revolution | moon august 7

QuerétaroLiga MX club advances after beating Tijuana 1-0 on goal from Uruguay Emmanuel GoulartOne of his key men and his country’s selected sub-23.

new england revolution I came to this party after winning on penalties from Atlas. The account is currently held with three named players, Gustavo Bou from Argentina, Giacomo Vrioni from albania and carles gil from Spain.

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 18:00
  • Time Colombia | 19:00
  • Argentina time | 21:00

Charlotte FC vs Houston Dynamo FC | moon august 7

Charlotte He won the Blue Cross in his penalty shootout with his portereau performance. christijan kahlina, You currently have three designated players Karol Świderski or Kamil Joswiak from Poland and Argentina enzo copetti,

for your part, Houston Dynamo Pachuca was eliminated by penalties, the team that had made it directly to the tournament at that stage as champions of Liga MX. Accounting for the appearances of the Mexican Mundialistas hector herrera Which came straight from Atlético de Madrid in 2022.

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 8:00 pm
  • Time Colombia | 21:00
  • Argentina time | 23:00

America vs Nashville | Tue 8 Aug

las aguilas They qualified after a highly controversial match against Chicago where a lone goal made the difference. It is a team with a lot of offensive power where it counts with players like footballers Julian Quinones (recently came from the atlas) and henry martin, However, there is no need to rule out alvaro fidalgoThe Spanish midfielder is the best player of the tournament so far bad pass attempt, bad country or And more pas en la mitad rival.

nashville The championship came when they defeated Cincinnati 5–4 in penalties. This figure is undoubtedly German Honey Mukhtar, team scorer. It also counts with selected American and World Cup defenders, walker zimmerman,

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 18:00
  • Time Colombia | 19:00
  • Argentina time | 21:00

Toluca vs. Minnesota United | Tue 8 Aug

Toluca scored 4–1 against Sporting KC and cemented themselves as one of the strongest teams of the tournament. Up to this contest point, son el cuadro con more goals scored (12) bad help (13). According to international portals, your most valuable players are South Americans Maximiliano Araújo, claudio baeza or gene meneses,

On the other hand, minnesota united The Columbus Crew were fouled in the penalty. His impressive performance in the tournament has led him to a number of statistics, with the scorers (B) countingOngokuhle Hlongwensix goals) and a player with more assists and more successful defense (Emmanuel Reynoso,

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 18:30
  • Time Colombia | 7:30 pm
  • Argentina time | 21:30

Tigres UANL vs Monterrey | Tue 8 Aug

The eighth final will be the Royal Classics. rays won by a narrow margin over Portland by a goal of maxi table, its a figure. However, this is a team that has great footballers of all kinds, even if it highlights the recent inclusion of the former Real Madrid and Spanish national team. Sergio Canales,

Tigers They overcame a final knockout when they beat Vancouver on penalties with a stellar performance from Portero Nahuel Guzman, It is clear that there is no player more important to Tigres than the French lead Andre-Pierre Gignaceven if they count as footballers Sebastian Cordova hey diego lanez,

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 8:00 pm
  • Time Colombia | 21:00
  • Argentina time | 23:00

LAFC vs Real Salt Lake | Tue 8 Aug

team of los angeles Desisivos entered as champion of MLS and did not cheat, as he scored 7–1 against Juárez. your max figure is mexican carlos velaThough in its ranks it counts more than one champion giorgio chiellini,

your opponent, real salt lakeThe Colombian frontman’s brilliant performance and maximum figures secured a 3-1 win against Lyon Christian Arango, Croatian l damir kreilach and Venezuela Jefferson Savrino son Los Otros Jugadores named de la Francavisia.

party hours

  • Time Mexico | 20:30
  • Time Colombia | 21:30
  • Argentina time | 23:30

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