Overwatch 2 Story Mission Trailer Revealed

The Overwatch team is about to confront the invasion of Sector Zero.

Overwatch 2 you will get the first three story missions in the content that can be seen in the video preview released today.

season 6 Overwatch 2 will launch next week, bringing with it the most content the game has received, most notably the premiere of the first story missions in PvE mode.

With the missions arriving, Blizzard Entertainment released a trailer as a preview of the missions coming to the game. Overwatch 2.

Zero Sector Invasion

Mission history will present the narrative with Zero Sector Invasion to different parts of the world, ramattra led the attack.

Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and New Gothenburg these are the places that the forces of Sector Zero attack, with Task Force Surveillance prepares to face them and save Future Earth from a powerful attack.

The preview gives an idea of ​​what players can expect from enemies with a variety of enemy types and all sizes, including one oversized one. They are also shown heroes who will be part of the defense like May, Reinhardt, Sojorn, Bastion, Torbjorn, Mercy, Lucio, Bridget and Tracer.

The story missions will work in the same way as the other PvE missions introduced in the first part. Overwatch With four players you have to fight your way through different enemies in order to reach achieve goals.

To have permanent access to the three Invasion story missions Overwatch 2 have to pay $15.

season 6 Overwatch 2 it will include other additions such as a new support heroine, a new game mode, and a new battle pass.

New season Overwatch 2 it will start 10th of August.

Fountain: YouTube – @playoverwatch

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