Administrative decision 644/2023

DECAD-2023-644-APN-JGM – Public Competition No. 80-0072-LPU22.

City of Buenos Aires, 02.08.2023

SEEN File No. EX-2022-125691572-APN-DCYC#MS, Regulations No. N 1023 of August 13, 2001 and 1030 of September 15, 2016 with amendments and additions to them, as well as


That the Decree of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH No. 7 of January 5, 2023 authorized an open tender No. 80-0072-LPU22 held for a contract with the Logistics Operations Service for vaccines and supplies with a cold temperature. storage at -25°C to -18°C and -90°C to -60°C requested by the NATIONAL OFFICE FOR CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES of the aforementioned ministerial portfolio, as well as Specifications and special conditions were approved by those who regulated the call .

The contract requirement is based on the need to ensure the correct development of the vaccination campaign, which requires the aforementioned cold storage temperatures, mainly for the COVID-19 vaccination strategy that will continue throughout the country during 2023.

That the Procurement Process has been disseminated in the Electronic Procurement System of the National Administration under the name COMPR.AR.

That the NATIONAL GOVERNANCE PUBLIC OFFICE PRICE OFFICE intervened through Work Order No. 50/23, stating that, by virtue of the provisions of Article 3, subparagraph e) of Annex I of SIGEN Resolution No. 36-E/17 and its amendments, the procurement of goods and the conclusion of contracts for services that do not meet the conditions of “… public use” are excluded from the Witness Price Control, regardless of the selection procedure used by the contracting party.

That the intervention of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF DRUGS, FOOD AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES (ANMAT), a decentralized body operating in the orbit of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH, is working.

That, according to the Opening Act of January 25, 2023, corresponding offers were received from ANDREANI LOGÍSTICA SA on lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; OCA LOG SA and CORREO OFICIAL DE LA REPUBLICA ARGENTINA SA for lines 5 and 6.

That the DIRECTORATE FOR THE CONTROL OF IMMUNE RESISTANT DISEASES of the aforementioned ministry has prepared an appropriate technical report from which it follows that all submitted proposals are technically in accordance with the Specifications of the Bases and Special Conditions Specifications that governed the call.

That, in view of the difference between the declared prices and the reference prices indicated by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH, the BID EVALUATION COMMITTEE of the aforementioned Ministerial Portfolio has promoted a price improvement mechanism with ANDREANI LOGÍSTICA SA firms for lines 2, 3 and 4; OFFICIAL POST OFFICE OF THE ARGENTINA REPUBLIC SA for line 5 and OCA LOG SA for line 6, having received a positive response from all.

That, in this sense, the DIRECTORATE FOR THE CONTROL OF IMMUNOPROPHYLACTIC DISEASES OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH has made a new report on economic proposals in which it has determined that the improved prices have a difference of less than TEN PERCENT (10%) in relation to the Updated prices as of January 2023 considering that it is convenient for the continuation of the above process, with the consent of the NATIONAL DIRECTORATE FOR COMMUNICABLE DISEASE CONTROL, the SUB-SECRETARY OF HEALTH STRATEGIES and the SECRETARIAT OF ACCESS TO HEALTH, all of them from the said Agency.

The COMPETITION COMMISSION OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH, on the basis of administrative, economic, financial and preliminary technical analysis, as well as documentation in the relevant case, signed on May 29, 2023 the corresponding proposals corresponding to the companies ANDREANI LOGÍSTICA SA for lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 and CORREO OFICIAL DE LA REPUBLICA ARGENTINA SA for lines 5 and 6.

That the aforementioned EVALUATION BOARD recommended rejecting OCA LOG SA’s offer under lines 5 and 6 for liquid debt payable to AFIP.

That the Department of Procurement and Contracts of the aforementioned Ministry reported no objection to the aforementioned Bid Evaluation Report.

In connection with the foregoing, it is advisable to approve the selection procedure conducted under the Open Tender No. 80-0072-LPU22 and award it as indicated above.


That this measure is taken using the powers granted by section 100, subsections 1 and 2 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, section 35, subsection b) and its Schedule to the Regulations of the Financial Management and Information Systems Act. Public Sector No. 24,156 and amendments thereto, approved by Decree No. 1344/07 and its amendments, as well as Article 9, subparagraphs d) and e) and annex thereto of the Regulation of the National Administrative Procurement Regime, approved by Decree No. 1030./16, its amendments and additional rules.




SECTION 1.- Approval of the selection procedure carried out under the Open Tender No. 80-0072-LPU22 of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH for a contract with the Logistics Operation of Vaccines and Consumables with a cold storage temperature of -25 ° C. and -18 ° C and – 90°C and -60°C requested by the NATIONAL OFFICE FOR CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES of the above ministerial portfolio.

SECTION 2.- The proposal of OCA LOG SA (CUIT N° 30-71702439-3) for lines 5 and 6 has been rejected as stated in the preamble of this measure.

SECTION 3.- Public tender No. 80-0072-LPU22 of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH is awarded in favor of firms, the number and amount indicated below:

to. ANDREANI LOGÍSTICA SA (CUIT N° 30-69801114-5): line 1 for the amount of FIFTY FOUR (54) services, line 2 for the amount of 12 (TWELVE) services, line 3 for the amount of SIX THOUSAND HUNDRED. AND EIGHTY (6180) services and line 4 in the amount of TEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED (10,500) services in the total amount of ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SEVEN MILLION PESOS THREE Hundred TWENTY SIX THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SEVENTY ONE SEVENTY-TWO CENTS (1,607 $326,671.72).

b. OFFICIAL MAIL OF THE ARGENTINA REPUBLIC SA (CUIT No. 30-70857483-6): Line 5 for the amount of EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR (8594) services and line 6 for the amount of FIVE THOUSAND FIFTY-SIX (5056) services for the total amount of PESOS NINETY VOS EAT MILLION FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED TWENTY TWO ($598,484,322).

ARTICLE 4.- The total amount of TWO BILLION TWO Hundred and Five Million Eight Hundred Ten thousand nine hundred and ninety-three seventy-two cents (USD 2,205,810,993.72) pesos, corresponding to the above contract, shall be charged to budget lines for the 2023 financial year. MINISTRY OF HEALTH.

SECTION 5.- The Minister of Health is hereby authorized to approve extensions, reductions, extensions, resolutions, terminations, announcements of expiration and application of penalties to winning bidders or co-contractors, and to sign any other acts relating to the Public Tender approved by this act.

ARTICLE 6.- THE PURCHASING AND ORDERING OFFICE OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH is hereby authorized to sign the relevant Purchase Orders.

SECTION 7.- Indicate that, at your option, an appeal to review this letter may be filed within TEN (10) business days of notice or a direct hierarchical appeal within FIFTEEN (15) business days. days from the date of its notification, in both cases to the authority that issued the challenged act, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 84 and 90 of the Regulation on Administrative Procedures, approved by Decree No. 1759/72-TO 2017.

ARTICLE 8º.- Communicate, publish, transmit to the NATIONAL OFFICIAL REGISTER OFFICE and archive.

Agustin Oscar Rossi – Carla Vizzotti

And. No. 60039/23 dated 03.08.2023 08/03/2023

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