City of Buenos Aires, 08/01/2023

LEARNING Decree No. 2098 dated 03.12.2008 and amendments and additions thereto, No. 328 dated 03.31.2020, Administrative decisions No. 124 dated 02.03.2022, 891 dated 09.12.2022 and Case No. EX-2022 -88524160-APN-DD#MS And


That by Decree No. 328 of March 31, 2020, ministers, secretaries to the PRESIDENT OF THE NATION and senior officials of decentralized organizations are empowered during the duration of the health emergency in accordance with Decree No. 260/20 and its amendment and addition to extend the timely granted temporary appointments under the same conditions of appointments or their latest renewals.

By Administrative Decree No. 124 of February 3, 2022, she was appointed on a temporary basis and for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) working days to the position of Director of the DIRECTORATE FOR CONTROL OF DISEASES TRANSMITTED BY VECTOR DISEASES OF THE NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION FOR THE CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES under the SUB-SECRETARY THE HEALTH STRATEGIES OF THE ACCESS TO HEALTH SECRETARIAT MINISTRY OF HEALTH, Dr. Yael Mariana PROVECHO.

By Administrative Decree No. 891 of September 12, 2022, the organizational structure of the first and second operational levels of this ministerial jurisdiction was changed.

That, without making a final clarification of the aforementioned position and the reasons that led to the issuance of Administrative Decision No. 124 of February 3, 2022, the SUB-SECRETARY OF HEALTH STRATEGIES of this Ministry asks for an extension of the appointment of the aforementioned professionally, under the same conditions of the original appointment.

There is an endorsement by the SUB-SECRETARY FOR HEALTH STRATEGIES.

It is his responsibility that the GENERAL LEGAL OFFICE intervened.

This measure is issued using the powers granted by Article 1 of Decree No. 328 of March 31, 2020.




SECTION 1.- Temporary appointment made by Administrative Decision No. 124 of February 3, 2022, of Dr. Yael Marian PROVECHO DAYS 29.039.174 as Director of the DIRECTORATE OF CONTROL OF VETER-BEARED DISEASES OF THE NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES under the SUB-SECRETARY OF HEALTH STRATEGIES OF THE SECRETARIAT OF ACCESS TO HEALTH of this Ministry, Level B – Level 0, Level III The executive function of the NATIONAL STATE EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM (SIEP), established by the COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT ON SECTORAL WORK, approved by Decree No. 2098 of December 3, 2008, as amended and supplemented, on the grounds set out in the preamble to this.

ARTICLE 2.- The position referred to in Article 1 shall be covered in accordance with the current requirements and selection systems established respectively in Sections II – Chapters III, IV and VIII- and IV of the Collective Agreement. to the NATIONAL POPULATION EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM (SINEP) of personnel, approved by Decree No. 2098 of December 03, 2008, as amended and supplemented thereto, within 180 (ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY) business days from August 3, 2023.

ARTICLE 3. – Expenditures necessary to comply with this measure will be charged to the current specific budget lines earmarked for this purpose.

ARTICLE 4. – Report and notify the SECRETARY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND EMPLOYMENT OF THE HEAD OF THE CABINET within FIVE (5) days from the issuance of this measure.

ARTICLE 5. – Report, publish, transfer to the National Office of the Official Registry and archive.

Carla Vizzotti

And. No. 59984/23 dated 03.08.2023 08/03/2023

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