Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

In the entertainment industry, there are many actors who chose to be remembered by their stage names or nicknames. After a career year, some managed to keep this aspect of their lives reserved for their family and friends, without the possibility that some curious followers could know it, and others did not hide it. Enter the artist’s real full name here, such as Zendaya, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Shakira or Maluma.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

The name by which the whole world recognized her a few years ago is only a fragment of the name that appears in her personal documents, where she was named Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. The American singer-songwriter and businesswoman several years ago decided to go by that name, which her mother told Rolling Stone is an adaptation of her maternal uncle Abuelo’s (Beines) surname. One of its meanings, since it has several interpretations, is: “Aquel que esta mias alla de los damas”.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

The actress best known for playing Rue in Euphoria began her career when she was very much a part of the Disney Factory. Since taking her first steps, the ballerina has ignored the rest of her name, although she has mentioned it in some interviews. In her contracts for Hollywood or the fashion world, she signs as Zendaya Marie Stoermer Coleman.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

Known to the world as RiRi, the “Umbrella” performer has a moniker known to a very select few and is the moniker she used as the name of her successful makeup firm, Fenty. Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. In the end, this seems to be the most open secret and it’s hard to pay attention to.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

Fans of her greater seniority probably know the names that the successful Colombian singer chose to rise to fame. The artist, who started her career with her first hit song from the album Entologia, was named Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll in her native Barranquilla.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

British singer recognized for her incredible voice and numerous awards; There is also a single Tony Award (for winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) for being an EGOT, but not for its full name. It’s just that Adele is the beginning of her true identity, because in official records she is actually called Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

Cherilyn Sarkeesian is not a long name, but early in her career the artist realized that it would probably be difficult to pronounce, so she decided to shorten it as much as possible and became Cher. And it was a great choice, because her talent for acting and music has earned her the privilege of being one of the most influential artists in world pop culture today. And it came with a four letter nickname.

mother of jesus

Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

Another member of music royalty who made the decision to publicly remove part of her name in order to achieve greatness is Madonna Louise Ciccone. The inimitable reign of pop has managed to thrive thanks to her persona and her amiable voice, which has allowed her to keep multiple Grammy Awards in the showcase, as easily as Madonna said.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

The name with which the Canadian managed to capture the hip-hop world scene isn’t even his first name, but then chopping it off was a big decision. Atreus, you’re thinking of me, you have to see Aubrey Drake Graham it was your father’s birthday 36 years ago.


Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

Maluma is not a real name and the Colombian has clarified this in several interviews. Therefore, it is no longer a secret what the true identity of Juan Luis Londoño Arias is, but the whole world recognizes him as “Maluma, Baby”. Thank you very much for introducing me to Intimacy.

bad bunny

Nicknames of celebrities we only know by name

And yes, it was highly unlikely (though we would never say impossible) that some Hubiera noted a son in the civil registry with the name Bad Bunny. In fact, the artist had already mentioned his first name on several occasions and pointed out that in his native Puerto Rico he was called Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio. Although for many, Benito has been on the ground for a while.

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