Luz Marie Tristan was born in Cali and appears to be a case of femicide.

The name of asesinada Luz Marie Tristan has cropped up in a new case of femicide in Cali.

,femicide, panic in Callie Upon learning of the news about the assassination of the famous player Luz Marie Tristan, she turns up dead and with severe marks of violence inside a house located on the road leading to Cali. Christo Ray.

Uno de los principales sospecoso y seria su pareja sentimental, queen “He had fired several shots”.

The authorities have not yet given the official share of the fighters of the blood Heko and Al National sport.

All of this is taking place amid the difficult state of public order experienced by Valle del Cauca and the resulting wave of crime and insecurity in the country at the hands of groups on the fringes of the law.

Gustavo Petro, The President of Colombia, upon learning of the news, announced it on Twitter and expressed condolences to the person who had assured it “as we are witnessing a femicide”. other personalities like them too Mayor of Cali and there governor of the valley Rechazarón los hechos.

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“There national police This was received with the shots by the victim. However, after several intelligence evasions, the officials managed to pin down and nab him for further investigation”, according to information received from witnesses on the spot.

loose mary was violently attacked, Because there were serious wounds on his body from which he died.

The lifting of the corpse was one of the dawns in the special sector and in the second week the woman “Salia con un impresario” of the capital Vallecaucana, who apparently “Intoxicants were given or taken”.

The couple had plans to marry in October And until you had distributed the cards. Authorities are investigating whether this person is the content author of the fatal incident involving the Colombian Games.

The former player, as he showed in his account on Instagram last July 19, it closes the day that his partner will be fulfilling for years, he dedicated the emotional words of the background to the song Ed Sheeran, ‘Excellent’

« Amor de me vida❤️ Today I celebrate another year of life and I couldn’t be more happy to share this special day with you. Thank you for making me more happy. Today we celebrate your life and all I want is for you to be very happy 😍❤️ I love you so much»

The message was accompanied by a collage of images in which the businessman and former sportsperson can be seen on their journey.

@maurogutroOn learning the news another reaction from the followers of the former player: “Women do not allow misbehavior, it ends badly! Condemn!”

«Hasta Donde Vi Lelegado», «Esos amores de la vida de hoy en dia», «What sad news!!🕯»“How sad it is to love your own executioner”, were some of the comments.

Who Was Luz Marie Tristan:

Athlete and the first player to win the country its first world medal in figure skating in the 5,000 meters trials on November 17, 1990 in Belo, Antioquia. He was 60, born in Pereira and raised in Cali.

has been performing since 2006 as director of a sports center, One that bears its name and promotes skating on a national level, invites and conducts various activities so that both men and women can advance in the world of skating, like I did her.

Asimismo, world champions are preferred in this school Daniela Mendoza, Romy Munoz, Sebastian Garces and Johanna Viveros.

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