Kourtney Kardashian made a terrifying revelation about Kim Kardashian

kourtney kardashian has disclosed Kim Kardashian I took advantage of my marriage to make money, which made me discover his true personality “He prioritized his money over me”. Apparently, the sisters’ arguments are getting more heated in every attempt to mend their deteriorating relationship.

in a short video from the last chapter ofkardashian‘ released this week, Kourtney reveals something that has taken many viewers by surprise, and possibly the fallout of her relationship with her sister Kim. Crippled even more. In an attempt to mend their sisterly relationship, Kourtney and Kim sit down face-to-face to talk about their problems.

The clip shows the Kardashian sisters having a one-on-one discussion with Kim to come to a conclusion about their problems. dolce and gabbana, Where will the 44-year-old entrepreneur end up? exposed

Kim’s real personality. And according to Courtney, I use her “evil” sister to make money at the wedding.

“It was my wedding, it was really none of my business”, he said. Comment “It was a very special day for me and I think it’s all special,” Kourtney told Kim. “It’s terrible that my sister used my wedding as a commercial opportunity”, i confessed Courtney in front of the camera. “He prioritized money over me, so I never asked for it.”

,Don’t forget to ask me what I thought I wouldn’t mind. I believe if I had an answer he wouldn’t know what to do, added to you Argument against her sister, leading to the understanding that Kim would currently choose material goodies before her sister’s feelings, and second, that the fanatics of the diva’s famous clan completely deserted her. Willing And it fails.

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